“Where do i start?”

Thank you for joining GIGsoup, and if you haven’t done so then click HERE. So, the GIGsoup Portal is going to be your point of reference for everything you’d like to submit or request – portal.gigsoupmusic.com. We urge you to read all of the below content as it should answer any questions you have. So, grab a coffee, a nice biscuit and begin…

This is a freelance role and so feel free to post as much (or as little) as you like. There’s no strict hours and we definitely don’t require a certain amount of articles each week. This is a role that is yours to roll with as we understand everyone has work, family and life commitments elsewhere. You may post a few articles, take a break for a couple of months and then come back … that’s fine. We keep your account open so you’re able to come and go as you like. OK! And so to the site….

We’re always asked by new writers “where should I start” and that’s completely up to you? Certainly adding a few music news items is an easy place to begin any blogging career but if you feel a little more confident there are plenty of other areas to delve into. We have so many options available on the Portal we thought we’d list a few options for you below…

Music News – Why not add any music news for artists or genres you follow. Subscribe to mailing lists and social media updates for artists, and then when you receive a notification you could add this as a news story to the GIGsoup Portal. News stories could be new music, new albums, tour dates etc. It’s an endless list.

If you know the PR or record company for a particular artist, then start following them as well (you can find this info out from the artists website or the ABOUT area in Facebook). You’ll be the very first to hear about the latest news and it also gives you the opportunity to create a relationship with that company. In most cases once you start concentrating on an artist or genre the PR company will come directly to you to share future news and give you opportunities to review new music before anyone else.

Album / EP Reviews – There is an area on the Portal where you can select an album to review, add a request for an album promo or simply post your review. Album reviews always bring in a HUGE audience so it’s a great place to start. Remember, always write the review in the third person style and not to just list a description of each track on the album. It has to be engaging

The album reviews database (accessed via the Portal) is huge, and you can select a particular artist to review or search by genre. If the album has already been released, then there will be a Spotify link to it and if not then the PR company will receive an email asking to forward a promo link to you.

Gig Reviews – These are similar to Album Reviews. You can ask to review a particular gig (and we’ll then sort out press tickets for you), or you can select an already added gig from our database. Again, when posting your review please do so in the third person and add photos (we can’t post gig reviews without them)

If you have a friend with a good DSLR camera then add a +1 to our request and we’ll make sure they get photo pit access

Interviews – You can setup or choose an interview opportunity from our database. You can usually do these via email, phone, Zoom or face-to-face depending on COVID and the availability of the artist. Again, these are very popular articles and always share well via social media.

Feature items – Take a look through all of the feature items on the Portal. There are many different options, and these are all great ways of finding out a lot more information about artists. 

Frequently asked questions

Listed below are a few questions we are usually asked. If we haven’t managed to address your concern below then use the “Contact Us” form within the portal.gigsoupmusic.com

How do payments work? Payment is made via the GIGsoup in-house payment system. Basically, every article you post will have generate a revenue via its associated AdSense adverts – an article can have 6 or more separate AdSense adverts. You will receive 75% of this total (payable on a minimum amount of £5.00). Therefore, the more ‘clicks’ your article receives the more likely of a larger AdSense revenue. You can monitor your ongoing total by visiting portal.gigsoupmusic.com and selecting “Current Earnings”

What should I cover? As a Freelancer it really is up to you what you cover. If you follow a particular genre then concentrate on all aspects of it, follow the artists, their PR and their Record Labels. If you receive a press release, then get this added to GIGsoup via the Portal. If you want to review a track, album or gig then contact the PR company and get a press pass and photo pit pass (this can also be done via the portal.gigsoupmusic.com)

What is the normal word count? We don’t put strict amounts on our articles. However, as a guideline…

Album Reviews – 300 to 500

Track Reviews – 100 to 300

Live Reviews – 300 to 600 

What else should I cover? We generally cover new music. There are various features within the portal.gigsoupmusic.com that do allow writers to submit articles in relation to older music, but our musical direction tends to point firmly toward the here and now. For example, if an album is over 6 weeks old, then we wouldn’t consider a review for publication. The same applies for singles and obviously if a gig is more than 5 days old, we wouldn’t publish this either … the momentum would have definitely disappeared by that time. The good news though is that we have NO restrictions on the genres we cover. 

How many articles? This is a freelance role so please feel free to submit as many, or as few as you like. Obviously the more you submit the greater chance there is of earning more money.

How can I Deal with PR companies? PR are companies are your access to the music industry as a writer. If you have favorite artists, then a quick Google search will reveal their PR company (also check the About section in Facebook). Follow them, email them and always make sure you’re on any of their mailing lists. This will ensure you are the first to hear about news, releases, tour dates, interview opportunities etc.

I’m confused about photos and images. Please make sure any photos you use in articles are credited, your own OR if you have used a photo from another publication or social media site then please state this in your article – there is a section for this. Uncredited photos will result in fines and possible legal action (for us, not you) so we just need to make sure we cover every aspect of this.

As a writer you need to think on your feet and post the most relevant items. If you hear of a secret gig then post it on the site, if you discover there’s going to be an in-house signing then again post it. The Portal acts as a guideline for you but there are so many other options out there. Don’t be afraid to approach artists, PR and record labels – they’re not going not come to you. We’ve had bloggers at GIGsoup, with no experience, who have been retweeted by the Killers (9 million followers over all platforms) and have covered all 3 days of the Reading Festival. Make the role your own but more importantly enjoy it.