Weekend Recovery ‘In The Mourning’ EP

Leeds-based Weekend Recovery are a band whose sound could quite easily have been plucked out of the early 1990’s, such is the combination of energy and sound that the quartet generates. Often placed nearer the punk end of the alt-rock spectrum, their upcoming four-track EP ‘In The Mourning’ shows a band that wants constant evolution, despite only releasing their debut LP earlier in 2018.

‘Bite Your Tongue’ opens the proceedings with a Foo Fighters-esque chugging of guitars, before it strips right back for the first taste of Lori‘s vocals. The song constantly works its way up and down the gears, with a head banging middle eight ensuring that you reach the song’s finale short of breath.

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The title number that follows is led by the galloping bass line of Josh‘s Rickenbacker, with the rest of the ensemble joining in a similar manner to the opener. Its chorus is simple but huge, allowing crowds to wail along with ease to “I can’t feel my face in the mourning”.

The third track ‘On My Knees’ is a sleeker ordeal, opened by Marcus‘ simple yet tight drum beat and another prominent bass line. Lead guitarist Owen focuses his efforts on the offbeat, adding real depth to the mix. Indeed, his guitar parts throughout the EP are allowed to add real flare to the production, such is the importance of the bass in the balance of their sound.

‘I’m Not That Girl’ steps right away from the attitude shown in the first three tracks, with raw and emotional vocals tugging on the heart strings from centre stage. The lyrics discuss loneliness, disappointment and things not working out as expected, directed to both parents: “Sorry dad, your little girl she’s a mess, she’s been chewed up and spat out and sometimes undressed.” 

The energy that they channel into their music is reflected in their work ethic, with the four of them regularly gigging across the UK. In a year when they have played at Camden Rocks Festival and continued gathering the support of stations and publications far and wide, this release is sure to continue this relentless momentum.

Watch this space.

Weekend Recovery – ‘In The Mourning’ EP

‘In The Mourning’ is released on 27th September 2018, with release shows at Fest Camden in London on 27th and at The Key Club in Leeds on 29th.