The Impersonators ‘Sad Cafe’ EP

Throwing us back to that alternative rock era reigned by the likes of R.E.M and U2, The Impersonators have accomplished that same ‘vintage’ sound in their latest EP ‘Sad Café‘.

Previously signed to Sony/BMG with Carmen Gray, one of Finland’s biggest rock bands, Tom Tikka makes up half of the duo, whilst the other half comprises of Antti Autio (lyricist). With their sonic sounds and various acoustic recordings, the two culminate in a duo that flawlessly provides the depth of a full band, hence their name, The Impersonators.

Commencing with the title-track ‘Sad Cafe’, a song whose upbeat rhythms and catchy chorus ironically defies the accompanying name and lyrics, the EP proceeds to ‘Burning Blue’, a track that brings a more cinematic feel whilst still maintaining those catchy beats that The Impersonators seem to do so well. Possibly the catchiest track of the EP, ‘Broken Snow’ hones in on the more typical 70’s melodies and that ‘vintage’ sound. Finalising in undoubtedly the most emotional tracks of the collection, ‘Effigy‘ and ‘You Are The One’ round up the EP with a more personal, heartfelt finish.

Producing tracks that provide a modern twist on those yesteryear sounds, The Impersonators have invented a cross-generational style of music whose warmth and sincerity is impossible not to love.