Smash Into Pieces “Arcadia” – Single review

 A new single by Swedish rock band Smash Into Pieces addresses ideas that are visible to all of us in this day and age – living in the word of technology makes us very close to each other and to our dreams but also extremely lonely and distant. Arcadia is a metaphor to life being a game where everyone feel like they are being controlled by the main player. With a reference to George Orwell’s 1984 “Big brother’s watching” it signifies how trapped one can feel living in the system where things we want seem impossible to reach and how precalculated everything may feel. The song encourages its listeners to go for what they want without compromises despite living in the matrix-like world.

The style of the song matches the latest modern technological and musical tendencies with rich electronic sound mixed with energetic rock music energy. Singing style switches from melodic vocals in verses to almost screaming in choruses and to rap-style storytelling in bridge, and it all works amazingly well. Electronic beat mixed with rebellious message of fighting the system to find the true meaning behind it all creates beautiful modern song that will inspire many to develop this kind of genre.

It was a phenomenal choice to make Arcadia their first single of the upcoming album that comes out in January 2020. We can’t wait to hear more of their musical style and to see what themes the band chose to address next. Arcadia is available via all media platforms Itunes, Amazon Music, Spotify.

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