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Sertraline ‘Clouded Minds and Silver Lines’ – EP

Since the release of their second EP ‘Guilty’, northern based progressive tech metal band Sertraline have gone from strength to strength. Making appearances at Bloodstock and UK Tech Fest merely scrape the top of the iceberg of achievements since 2017, but three years is more than enough time to wait for another record. Thanks to their generous fans contributing to their Kickstarter campaign, we are now presented with ‘Clouded Minds and Silver Lines’, the perfect anthem to blast away your lockdown blues.

Debut single ‘Inside Out’ blasts this EP into life with demonic, guttural vocals from Lizzie Parry crashing against gut-busting drums from Si Douglas. What may begin as subtle guitar soon builds into the almighty crescendo we all know and love from Sertraline. Their thought-provoking lyrics make for an astonishingly relatable chorus, which you’ll be screaming in no time.

For those familiar with Sertraline’s back catalogue, we are treated to a follow-up track from 2014 EP ‘Bury the Ghosts’ with ‘Mean to Me II’.  You can sense the airy void where the ‘woah woah ohoh ohs’ need to be when this song is played live and we simply cannot wait until that is a reality. The powerhouse that is Parry’s vocals elevates this song to the very precipice of space, propelled there by incredibly intricate and ballsy riffs.

‘2205’ showcases a side of synth as Parry darts from growls to angelic harmonies, much like the title of this EP suggests, there is a deep sense of oxymoron to this band that is simply delightful. They nail everything from brutal riffs to the equilibrium of gravelly/delicate vocals, we may have found Jekyll and Hyde in band form and it is mesmerising. Their nod to insomnia in ‘Screaming for Sleep’ follows in similar fashion with galloping drums that threaten to tear your speakers to shreds. You can certainly hear the earth-shattering split personality with Parry’s vocals at the chorus and upon further listens, it seems that Sertraline have a lot more to say with this record than appearances would have you believe.

Rounding off the EP with their not at all related to the lockdown, but terrifically well-titled track ‘Isolation’ released just a few short weeks ago. Bringing an undoubtedly infectious head-banging quality to it, Sertraline astound one more time with their immense power and strength, enticing you into their exceptionally metallic world and quite frankly, we’re not quite ready to leave it just yet.

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