Josh Record - The War
Josh Record - The War

Review : Josh Record – “The War” EP

Never judge a book by it’s cover. They tell you that don’t they? I cant remember who ‘they’ are but i’ve certainly been told that before. But it was this principle exactly that caused me to sit on Josh Records glorious EP “The War” for nearly a week. I took the two words “Josh” and “Record” put them together and decided that for some reason this EP would be 4 tracks of drum and base. How i came to this conclusion i will never know and i must apologise to Josh, his PR company, friends,immediate family and obviously his record company. And yes, before you ask, it is his real name.

Drum and base this is not. What you have are four of the most delicious pieces of music you will hear for a long time.

I’m usually not one for reviewing EP’s but with this (and The Beaches) i’m certainly glad i made the effort. I appreciate that 4 tracks is no way to fully determine and artists worth but the quality of these tracks dictate that Mr Record is going to be a very big star. He has already been championed by Zane Lowe and has featured heavily on 6Music and XFM, and from everything i have read about this incredible young man he deserves his success. Let me explain…

Not only is Josh Record and extremely accomplished musician but he is also an extremely charitable individual. When he moved to London 9 years ago he lived on the Alton Estate in Roehampton. I know the estate well as i lived close by and it is certainly not a plush gated development with similar coloured doors, wisteria growing around bay windows and conservatories. He found needles, guns and crack heads in his garden but rather than turning away in disgust he decided to make a differance. He decided to house the less fortunate people on the estate and at one point had nine individuals living in his house. And there’s more…

He went on a trip to Kenya with the charity Regenerate, taking with him some of his new chums from Roehampton, to show them the true meaning of despair. And just to ensure it was no bucket and spade holiday they went during a period of civil unrest. He has since been back five times, working in orphanages and some of the major slums of Nairobi. (go to for more information).

This man is not only an inspiration musically but also as a person.

Just for the record, “The War” (the first song on the EP) stopped me in my tracks. I then spent 10 minutes texting people, demanding they listen to it. I can’t recall a single time i’ve ever done that before. A full album release cannot come soon enough. The beautiful video accompany “The War” is above.

Track listing for “The War” EP…

1. The War

2. House

3. Common Folly

4. Skin


Josh Record is also touring. Full dates are…

18th September 2013 – Madame JoJo’s, London (with Lorde)

22nd October 2013 – Electrowerkz, London

5th November 2013 – KOKO, London – (with Bastille)


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