Review : The Beaches – “The Beaches EP”

My girlfriend once showed me an article. Spiritual in nature it simply declared that “If you’re reluctant to go to work in the morning then you are in the wrong job”. I took the message on board immediately and started writing about music. It’s on days like this that the decision to do so feels like a blessing.

The Beaches latest single “Absolutely Nothing” landed in my inbox yesterday morning and confirms absolutely the above statement. An all-female band from Toronto, they have managed to produce a quite brilliant EP. Self-titled the EP contains 6 tracks of the perfect Indie/Rock.

Messrs. Kylie Miller (guitar), Jordan Miller (bass guitar and vocals), Eliza Enman-McDaniel (drums), and Leandra Earl (keyboards) are all aged between 16-18. They’re a fairly new band as well, only forming at the beginning of 2013. However, the maturity of the songwriting would suggest they are older and wiser than their age dictates.

“Loner”, “Absolutely Nothing” and “Kids” are thumping rocks tunes while the quite stunning “You Lament” calms things down until you’re treated to the star, and climax, of the EP “Wanna Know”

Track listing…

  1. Loner
  2. Absolutely Nothing
  3. Boy Wonder
  4. Youth Lament
  5. Kids
  6. Wanna Know

Download: Absolutely Nothing, Wanna Know

Rating: 5 out of 5

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