Let Man Loose ‘Vol. 3’ – EP Review

Hull natives, Let Man Loose return for their third EP release in the last few years, aptly titled Vol. 3. Sonically falling somewhere between Queens of the Stone Age, ‘Humbug’ era Arctic Monkeys and The Rascals (UK), the four piece’s new release manages to fuse vexed sounding fuzzy guitar tones, urgent vocal delivery and tight punching drums culminating in a sound encompassing punk, rock and indie.

Vol. 3 is a welcome addition to close out Let Man Loose’s trilogy of EP’s, which manages to expand upon their previously established style with a greater sense of playfulness and experimentation of form while sticking true to the core musicality they’ve become synonymous with over the last few years.

Triumphant opener, ‘Victory Lap’ establishes the EP with a pleasantly forceful, grungy guitar riff, followed by the deft metaphorical storytelling that typifies Let Man Loose’s lyrical style. The second track, ‘Sweet Spot’ conveys the most playful delivery on the EP, using cleaner instrumentation throughout, highlighted by a vivacious, addictive spaghetti guitar riff. ‘Bulldog’ shines through as the most raucous track on the EP, using sharp lyrical quips paired with strident, thrashy instrumentation, harnessing a sound reminiscent of early IDLES. ‘The Acid Test’ brings the EP to a close with a slower, yet no less punchy track, shaped by an authoritative rhythmic execution and driven by potent lyricism which allows itself space to marinate.

While Vol. 3 hosts a diverse sound over its four tracks, it seems that perhaps, at times, Let Man Loose have yet to fully assert themselves creatively, with instances such as the closing of ‘The Acid Test’ feeling as it it could provide an even bigger and increasingly definitive finale to the EP and trilogy of EP’s as a whole.

However, this space to grow, in addition to their freshly adjusted lineup, provides huge anticipation as to where Let Man Loose will take themselves in the coming years.

Vol. 3 is set to release on September 18th both digitally as a stand-alone EP, as well as a limited edition physical release collating Let Man Loose’s trilogy of EPs in one place for the first time. Alongside this, the band are set to release their own Beer in collaboration with Bone Machine Brew Co., appropriately coined ‘Let Man Loose Juice’.