Hereford-based rockers KinStrife have released their debut EP, Intervention. The band was formed in 2013 by Alan Kaye (guitar) and Dave Richards (bass), later joined by Mike Hoskins (vocals/guitar) and Simon Richards (drums), and takes its name from the Kin-strife, a civil war featured in The Lord of The Rings.

Title track ‘Intervention’ hits the ground running, with a fast-paced high-energy track, and Hoskins’ engaging vocals are underpinned by some excellent riffs on lead guitar. ‘Fear’ brings a marked switch in pace and tone, with which the band delivers a more nuanced and multi-dimensional song.

The slower pace is maintained in ‘Unconditional’, which is perhaps a little too similar in style to ‘Fear’ to really stand out. However the driving riffs make a welcome return in the final track ‘Get Away’, with some good old-fashioned heavy rock to match that of the opening track, effectively bookending the EP.

This EP provides a promising taste of KinStrife’s potential as songwriters and musicians, and hints at greater things to come. All in all, a confident debut.

Intervention was released on 31 July 2020.