There was a special buzz at Rough Trade NYC as the crowd gathered to see Ziggy Alberts in a Sold Out show. This is Ziggy’s first North American tour and as the doors opened fans could be heard saying. “Oh my gosh, I think I might cry!” and “You have no idea how long I have been waiting for this.”

Ziggy Alberts is a Coastal Folk singer/songwriter from the east coast of Australia, who through his music is able to express heartfelt stories, spread awareness on environmental issues, and transport you to feeling you are near the ocean he grew up next to spending days surfing and singing about.

For an independent artist to sell out this many shows on their first North American tour speaks to how Ziggy connects with his fans. At only 24 years old he has been able to fund and record four records. Examples like this prove Alberts is raising the bar and expectations we should have for self-funded and independent artists.

Ziggy got his start busking on the coast of Australia, and in concert this experience proves valuable. The ability necessary for buskers to capture the attention of a crowd, and to connect to an audience translates well for Alberts. However, now crowds of 300+ are walking into a sold out concert to see him play. The experience is still the same. Ziggy and a guitar creating beautiful music in combination with heartfelt lyrics.

Warm Coffee

As I searched for things that stood out about this concert one thing ranked above the rest. That is that Ziggy Alberts makes it easy to see that he cares about the experience of everyone in the room. Ziggy is comfortable on stage, but most impressive was in being comfortable to share stories with the crowd in between almost every song. He has an ability to take you to the place that he was when he wrote a certain song.

True to this was when he introduced Warm Coffee (The Market Song.) He told a story of seeing a girl and not being able to say much to her besides “honestly you’re freaking beautiful.” Ziggy then goes home and wrote a song about it. Eventually he was set up on a date with the very girl from the market by a mutual friend and played her this song he wrote the day they met, in a “Bold Move.”  The audience hanging onto every word as he sings “And I don’t know much about her, Cause I met her at the markets and didn’t ask her name. But her eyes were soft and her words remain the same.”

Laps Around the Sun
Cleaning up the beach is something Alberts has done many times before or after concerts, even on tour. Using his platform to spread awareness on environmental issues, including plastic and trash in our oceans. He has shown that sometimes all you have to do is ask and you can make a big difference, and that we all individually start a change.
Chasing Dreams

Continuing to Inspire, Ziggy admits that he never really planned on becoming a musician. He was thinking of being an engineer or dentist or something. He introduces his song “Gone (The Pocahontas Song)” Being the first song he wrote as a teenager. Taking you to where he was in that moment, not knowing about pursuing music he encourages the crowd to chase there dreams.

“I don’t know if I want you to hear this song. Would you sing along, would you? Would you turn it off or turn it up, would you learn the lyrics and come See me the next morning? Because I don’t know what I want, or what you want.” These lyrics are important as he talks about having a dream, and not knowing whether to chase it, or how it will be received. A room of strangers singing a song that at one point was not sure would ever be shared was a powerful moment.


It is moments like those that make Ziggy Alberts a cant miss concert. You will feel the things he felt when writing these songs. You will see crashing waves as he sings “The Ocean Song”, You can be transported to spending “Days in the Sun” listening to Ben Howard. The connection with the crowd is the strength of these shows. Creating a memory seems to be the priority of the night.

Ziggy Alberts will be releasing a new album November 9th. For information as well as future tour dates check out:

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