William Control - The Key Club, Leeds (15th September 2016) - LIVE REVIEW

William Control – The Key Club, Leeds (15th September 2016) – LIVE REVIEW

William Control returned to the UK for The Synths and Sinners Tour and had the audience in the palm of his hand.

At this point, one may think that William Control is getting a strange sense of déjà vu, and you wouldn’t be far wrong. Just shy of two months since his last appearance in the UK, Control returns, leaving behind his acoustic guitar and slapping you in the face with a gargantuan amount of synth and sass: here we have The Synths and Sinners Tour.

With support once again from the talented Adam Crilly (of Ashestoangels), providing a much more subdued acoustic set, and by this we mean he’s actually in one place for more than a few seconds, was absolutely lovely to hear. Followed by the hugely eclectic As Sirens Fall, bringing the heavier and sometimes more poppy side to proceedings was genius.

Then the epitome of cool stood before you, devoid of all colour and donned in black sunglasses, which could really only be for aesthetic purposes, as it is dark as hell in The Key Club. Finally, The Monster was singing. Belting out the latest single from the hotly anticipated The Pale EP, Control had the audience dancing from the onset. Cracking out some mad shapes himself was an interesting to watch, who knew Goths could dance, but it added to the change in musical direction. Not everything has to be melancholy and for that, we are eternally grateful. At this point, we were cordially welcomed into The Synths and Sinners Tour.

Treated to new tracks ‘Confess’ and ‘Mother Superior’ was exceptional to hear, and leaves an extremely invigorating taste in your ears. The prospect of new music is always a pleasure to hear, and Control’s new songs were no exception. With the first of four EPs coming our way, all that is left to be said is bring on October and ‘The Pale’ EP. The revival of classics ‘Strangers’, ‘Passengers’ and ‘Price We Pay’ joined the mix of rock, synth, pop and ballads. Refusing to be boxed into one genre it seems, the ultimately talented and versatile Control smashes whatever style of music he feels like playing that day, and this is such a rarity in musicians today.

While Control was wonderful to watch and put on a heck of show, one little niggle about this gig has to be the audience. The Leeds crowd were, in Control’s own eloquent words: ‘quiet motherfuckers’, which is not far from the truth. While they were highly receptive of his new music, it would have been nice to see more movement and life in them. Maybe it’s the Goth stereotype of acting a bit dead or overly British politeness, but in their own subdued way, they were loving Control’s synth sensation.

Ending the night with an encore of ‘Let the Right One In’ was a resounding success, perfectly bringing his set to a close, even if we did beg for another song. The fans could hardly complain though, with new music on the horizon, Control has quite a busy schedule ahead of him already. That being said, we are already counting down the minutes until he graces this country again.