Celebrating the release of his debut album ‘Sweet Dreamer’ Will Joseph cook embarked on his biggest headline tour to date, playing London’s iconic Heaven – Bringing along upcoming talent Ten Tonnes for a perfect presentation of Britain’s young talent.

As Heaven filled up Ten Tonnes took centre stage, his stage presence and catchy songs bringing an energetic and encapsulating frenzy of rhythms and dance, the crowd were delightedly warmed up from the offset. The performance was that of someone comfortable and confident with their material and skill-set and this shone through every song; it was difficult to tell who had heard of Ten Tonnes before and who was discovering him for the first time with everybody equally captivated by the energy of the positively indie melodies. Being the only support act has its own pressures, but it seems one was all that was necessary and Ten Tonnes proved this.

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With the crowd comfortably eager for what the night had in store, it was time for headliner Will Joseph Cook to take to the stage. Entering to a unique, almost robotic message, confirmed that the show was not going to be an average pop show, adding an almost theatrical element.

Opening with title-track ‘Sweet Dreamer’ Will and his band started as they meant to go on, with impressive dynamism and a relentless crowd, a harmoniously animated show was inevitable and this surprised nobody in attendance. With such a positive buzz surrounding the album, it was interesting to see this relate to their live show, a non-stop enthusiasm and dedication from the crowd perfected what was an immaculate, emotive performance.

It was no shock that the set-list consisted mostly of tracks from debut-album ‘Sweet Dreamer’. ‘Plastic’ was a stand-out song, introducing a hybridity of genres and attitudes in performance, the reaction from the crowd acting as a clear indication of the success and impressive nature the performance would continue to present, bringing the variety of the album to stage. The slowest song of the night ‘Water’s gone cold’ enthused a mighty sing along, the venue filled with voices and emotion, this slow-down however, took nothing away from the buzz of the night, if anything it seemed to heighten the exhilaration. Playing a few songs from older EPs the crowd loved every second ‘Daisy Chains’ going down particularly well with the ever-anticipating crowd.

With such an already praised album, this show displays Will as an all-round impressive artist. The energy of the album was taken to new heights with the effortless perfection of individuality and cohesion from fellow band members. Throughout the night there was a clear mutual appreciation from performer and fans, something refreshingly honest; The buzz surrounding Will Joseph Cook is very much deserved and this performance was a prime example of why it will continue and develop.


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