Whenyoung – Electrowerkz – February 13th 2019

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In one of London’s trendily undiscovered venues, Ireland’s trendiest band tonight played an enchanting set. With yet another of Distiller Records’ in-vogue artists, Ninth Wave, warming the crowd beforehand, this was a night where all in the room knew they were watching acts on the brink of hitting the big-time.

Ninth Wave, in all of their 80’s synth-tinged glory, dropped a brilliant set. Lead singer Haydn Park-Patterson voice flickers between Ian Curtis and Editors’ Tom Smith’s voice whilst his look reflects the best of Bowie’s Thin White Duke and Boy George in his Culture Club pomp.

Whenyoung, the lovably engaging outfit hailing from Limerick are a band in touch with what is going on. Now rooted in London, their set comprised of two on-point tracks: the powerful ‘The Others’, an ode to the Grenfell victims and ‘Never Let Go’, an anthem for those suffering with mental health issues.

Aoife Power has a beautifully shy stage presence when talking between songs and an extroverted swagger when performing. Either side of this coin has an undeniable hold over all at Electrowerkz. Frowning, smiling and living each word her sweet voice sings, she is a gem in new music. Whilst Power has the most befitting surname, Whenyoung are more than one person. What is clear when seeing this band is the interconnectivity between them.

The sound produced by the trio would have you believe a fourth member was hidden backstage. Guitarist Niall Burns is a real driving force, whilst drummer Andrew Flood is the glue that holds it all together.

‘Pretty Pure’, ‘Given Up’ and ‘Heaven On Earth’ all had a brilliant reception.

Whenyoung are a band that write full-blown indie anthems. They are a band perfectly poised, exceptionally balanced and incredibly moreish.

They will become one of your most-loved treasures of 2019. Get to know them, and wait eagerly for their debut album later this year.