Vyacheslav Butusov – cult classic Russian musician brings his most iconic songs to Latvia

If you’re a Russian speaker chances are you’ve heard of Nautilus Pompilius – the band that managed to get a cult classic status. Ask any Russian person that you know, especially if they were born before the 90’s, and they will definitely tell you that Vyacheslav Butusov – Nautilus’s singer and songwriter – is one of the most interesting musicians in Russia. Despite the band not being active anymore, on August 13th Butusov has had a concert in Jurmala (Latvia), a well-known beach side city where many people come to improve their health and relax.

During the gig he played his all-time classics, including “Dyhanie”(transl. “breath”), “Krylya” (transl. “wings”), “Zverj” (transl. “beast”) and many more and as expected received a very positive immediate response from the audience that was evident by ovations, dancing fans on the sides of the concert hall and people singing along. Vyacheslav Butusov once more proved that he’s still enthusiastic and is in love with his songs and people he plays them to. But why exactly is he so respected?

Two things that make him stand out from other Russian musicians: firstly, the topic of his songs is usually deep and poetic. Butusov creates a songs like a book, there is a story that develops but it is not overly complicated. It’s easy to understand and he shows his human side that is easy to relate to. And secondly, his band and his music is one of key elements in another Russian cult classic – film “Brother” (1997), that depicts violent and uneasy times of 90’s in Russia. Some of the scenes were played on the screen while Butusov played songs used in the film.

By the end of the concert the majority of people were standing during the last song called “Good bye, America” that was used in the ending credits of the sequel of “Brother”, which shows how touched and appreciative people were. After standing ovations some guests gave the singer flowers but most importantly the venue was full. Concerts like this is a rarity as the band of Butusov’s is not active anymore and for him choosing to go to Latvia shows how thoughtful and still creative he is which makes his fans old and new remain positive about his future endeavors.