This Vintage Trouble article was written by Al Hall, a GIGsoup contributor. Edited by Josh Hummerston

“You gave us the power” rejoiced Vintage Trouble’s Ty Taylor as guitarist Nalle Colt’s instrument burst back into life following a blown speaker just three songs into the band’s sold out gig at The Sage in Gateshead. Many bands would have left the stage in sheer frustration during the ten minutes it took to fix the faulty equipment, but that isn’t part of the deal for Vintage Trouble. Instead, Taylor, bassist Rick Barrio Dill and drummer Richard Danielson embarked upon an impressive blues improvisation, tackling the situation with the style and class that are now synonymous with the band.

Other than the unexpected interruption, the show had all the hallmarks of a classic Vintage Trouble performance. From the moment Taylor announced “this is a standing party”, the gentile surroundings of the Sage’s Stage One were transformed into a rollicking rock ‘n’ roll revelry, with the band as guests of honour.

The crowd were with the band from start to finish, whether it was clapping and stamping along to the anthemic “Angel City, California”, or holding still as Taylor delivered the transcendent notes to the heart-wrenching “Another Man’s Words”, and the band repaid them by taking every opportunity to get intimate with the “Troublemakers”.

The evening reached new heights when the band launched into “Run Like The River”, which is fast becoming their signature song. Taylor, who had by now sweated right through his two-piece suit, left the stage and disappeared from sight, only to be picked up moments later by the spotlight in amongst the crowd on the upper floor of the auditorium. From here, like a gospel preacher to his adoring congregation, he conducted a question and answer style chorus with the crowd before making his way back to the stage.

By the time the band left the stage, having raised the roof one final time with an encore of “Blues Hand Me Down” not a soul remained in their seat, and there were smiles throughout the auditorium from an audience left dazzled, sweaty and aware that they may be witnessing history in the making.

Vintage Trouble - The Sage, Gateshead (7th November 2015) - LIVE REVIEW

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