The View - O2 Academy 2, Newcastle (17th September 2015) - LIVE REVIEW
The View - O2 Academy 2, Newcastle (17th September 2015) - LIVE REVIEW

The View – O2 Academy 2, Newcastle (17th September 2015) – LIVE REVIEW

The View article was written by Helen Daly, a GIGsoup contributor. Edited by Natalie Whitehouse

It’s a Thursday night in chilly Newcastle and Scottish indie-rockers, The View, are keeping everyone suitably warm with their speedy rampage through their past ten years on the scene. The crowd are unanimously loving it, screaming, “The View, The View, The View are on fire” between every song.

The night started with Warrington rockers, Slydigs, taking to the stage, fresh from supporting the likes of The Who and Steve Craddock to a surprisingly sparse crowd. This soon changed however as Slydigs immediately injected some energy into the room with their Mod-meets-Oasis style anthems. Admittedly, it seems oxymoronic to describe their songs as anthemic while they played (albeit, initially) to a small crowd, the songs nevertheless burst through the air with as much punch as would be expected in an arena. Their sound was perfectly polished and certainly managed to successfully prepare an ever-expanding crowd for the main event.

Speaking of the main event, The View burst onto the stage with ‘5 Rebbecca’s’ from their second album and it’s safe to say that from the evidence of the crowd bouncing around as if it was the last day of school, it went down extremely well.

Throughout the set, the band looked extremely comfortable, dropping new songs with old and managed, even in their tenth year, to create the same atmosphere that they did when performing ‘Hats Off to the Buskers’ for the first time. A stand out song was most definitely, ‘Psychotic’ from the new album, ‘Ropewalk,’ which oozed through the distorted speakers almost effortlessly creating a dark and dingy nightclub feel, which definitely marked a contrast from the mosh pits which were starting to emerge from the first quarter of the set.

Not that this was a bad juxtaposition however; it was hugely interesting to see how the band managed to work the crowd, introducing their new songs but still managing to elicit the same, teenage angst within, an admittedly, older crowd. It seems as if The View have still managed to retain some of that indie-heartthrob status as during ‘Living’, one member of the audience was clearly enjoying the show too much and took the brave decision to throw their underwear at frontman Kyle, which caused hysterics among the band who somehow managed to finish the song without cracking up completely.

The View looked completely relaxed on stage. From cracking jokes with each other to Kyle chewing gum all the way through the set, the band certainly made themselves at home; and all the better for it. A buzz was created between each song and everyone knows that a relaxed band means a relaxed audience.

The show was undoubtedly a success with a crowd who were clearly up for a raucous night. One slight disappointment however was that perhaps their set was a little short at one hour and twenty minutes; whilst yes, this seems to be a particularly lengthy set, The View are one of those bands with so many hits they could fill a full evening and the audience would have certainly been with them all the way.

Concluding with a slowed down version of ‘Superstar Tradesman’, Kyle didn’t need to sing any of it as the crowd shouted it out full volume. As the band walked off stage to the same chants they walked on to, it was clear the crowd wanted more.

But perhaps this was actually for the best as everyone left with the same buzz as they arrived with. To put it simply, The View didn’t overdo it: they kept their cool right until the end and left the crowd happy, but pining for more. And if the anticipation they’ve already creative won’t sell tickets for their next tour, then what will?