Powerful. Honest. Exposed. Genuine. Clean. Smashing. Caring. Underoath.

The band had broken up and given up on each other for years. They hated each other and hated themselves. The years without the band were the darkest points in their life, multiple members admit. Spencer Chamberlain, the lead singer, is not ashamed of his past and is very open about his experiences. He made this clear at the show – speaking publicly near the end of the set about mental health, suicidal thoughts and self care. He’s now in a much better place, actually healthy and happy… genuinely happy. This new found freedom and happiness was visible at their show this weekend.

Underoath released a new album, ‘Erase Me,’ just a few weeks prior to the concert and was ready to show off their new project as well as some old songs. Their set included an intense light show as well as positive energy and exuberance. The band was having fun on stage, and it was obvious. The keyboardist (who is known for his dancing and extreme energy) was celebrating a birthday and the band was finding it entertaining to encourage the crowd to buy him shots. It was crystal clear that they were enjoying their time on stage and were feeling refreshed and excited to be on stage together again.

Their first single of the new album, ‘On My Teeth,’ was their opening song and it drove the audience wild. The crowd was pumped up and ready for a fabulous set. Underoath played multiple new songs, including ‘Rapture,’ ‘No Frame,’ and ‘It Has To Start Somewhere.’ They also played their older songs from iconic albums ‘Define the Great Line’ and ‘They’re Only Chasing Safety.’ The mostly male crowd was most active during older songs.

The show was absolutely stunning. Their performance reflects their passion for music and their new found joy in their profession.

The evenings set-list was…

  1. On My Teeth
  2. In Regards to Myself
  3. The Blue Note
  4. It’s Dangerous Business Walking Out Your Front Door
  5. Rapture
  6. A Moment Suspended in Time
  7. Breathing In a New Mentality
  8. It Has to Start Somewhere
  9. No Frame
  10. Reinventing Your Exit
  11. Paper Lung
  12. A Boy Brushed Red Living in Black and White


  1. Bloodlust
  2. Writing on the Walls

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