In the room above a London pub, feminist-punk band The Tuts are preparing for an important show – it’s their hometown and album launch gig, and the type of show they’ve “dreamed of” since the band began.

London based BOYS are on first, playing their concoction of electronic driven indie-pop and delicate vocals to a sparse scattering of people. Their music sounds a little out of place at a punk show – BOYS would sound more at home opening up for The 1975, but their dreamy pop music certainly eases the audience into the night ahead.

Second support is the band LOCK, a sister-duo that are bringing their dark pop to The Lexington. The first half of their set was underwhelming until their performance of ‘Everlasting Road’ from their upcoming EP, the urgent chorus capturing the attention of the room until the end of their set.

Appearing on stage later than expected only heightened the anticipation for headlining band The Tuts’ arrival, and when they appeared on stage and immediately thundered into ‘Tut Tut Tut’, the audience were involved from the start. Crowd participation is a crucial part of their live show throughout, with the band encouraging the audience to sing along and chant, with fans even mirroring their dance moves for ‘Do I Have to Look for Love?’ back to them.

The gig tonight serves as a showcase for their recently released debut album ‘Update Your Brain’ and sees the band performing a selection of old songs alongside their new material. Lead single from the album ‘Let Go of the Past’ is prefaced by front-woman Nadia talking about those types of relationships that have “gone a bit stale” and you know it’s best to leave. “Richard!” an audience member shouts at hearing this, and Nadia laughs and nods, shouting “yeah, Richard!” before the band play the straight-forward pop-punk song that celebrates moving forward. It’s these personal moments throughout their set that make The Tuts such a great band to watch live, there’s no feeling or pretentiousness or an ‘us and them’ vibe and it makes for a truly intimate gig.

The heavier occasions in their set make for some of the best moments of the night, and new song ‘Always Hear The Same Shit’ have the band demanding “girls to the front” to create a “crust of old men” (this show is surprisingly heavily attended by middle-aged men) and that the entire room dance. The audience is happy to oblige, and the charged atmosphere keeps building throughout their high energy set, with fans being as excited to be there as The Tuts are.

The Tuts have worked hard as a DIY band since their conception, planning their own tours, releasing their own music and forging their own press connections. This headline set at The Lexington is a fitting celebration for those years – they’ve got a brilliant debut album and a solid live set to show for it, and they’re a band that are sure to keep getting better.

Update Your Brain is out now via Dovetown Records

This Tuts article was written by Eloise Bulmer, a GIGsoup contributor

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