On Friday night beloved Baltimore natives All Time Low paid a visit to Manchester Arena, part way through their ‘Last Young Renegades’ tour to treat the audience of adoring fans to a night of dancing, singalongs and a unique two part show.

By the time support band Creeper had taken to the stage, Manchester arena was buzzing with energy and excitement for when All Time Low were about to take the crowd of old and new fans by storm. All Time Low started the night by playing 10 year old album So Wrong It’s Right in it’s entirety. It is clear to see that the songs are still held close in people’s memories and hearts as fans of all ages belt the lyrics back to the band. Tracks such as ‘The Beach’ and ‘Vegas’ are filled with nostalgia and happy go lucky expression, which is welcomed by the thousands of people in the crowd, as they catch on to the band’s infectious energy and really start to lose themselves in the music.

After a 30 minute interval, the 21,000 capacity arena is yet again filled with excitement and a new found energy for when the band take to the stage for a second time to play some more recent tracks from their latest seventh studio album ‘Last Young Renegade’.

‘’Manchester, it’s so great to see you again!’’ beams singer Alex Gaskarth as he walks onto the stage, guitar in hand ready to kick off the night yet again with ‘Last Young Renegade’ which is greeted with the audience screaming the lyrics back, just as loud as the band on stage. Fan made signs started to appear into the second song of the set, fans at the front of the stage holding up pieces of cardboard that read ‘Can I play guitar with you?’’

One thing you’re promised at an All Time Low show is the effortless banter between guitarist Jack Barakat and singer Alex Gaskarth, throughout the night making endless jokes about how it had been ten years since the release of So Wrong It’s Right, and how the first time they heard an All Time Low song in a club was in Manchester’s own Satan’s Hollow.

Overall, All Time Low played a superb and polished set to Manchester Arena. It is clear to see that after a decade of playing together, the band have got their live shows down to a fine art.

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