Tigercub - The Electrowerkz, London (16th Nov 2016)

Tigercub – The Electrowerkz, London (16th Nov 2016)

Tigercub have been getting glowing reviews for their brand new album ‘Abstract Figures in the Dark’ since day one. It managed to reintroduce the band as a deeper, more self-aware and fearless product of this generation. Their EP ‘Repressed Semantics’ may have relied on pop-like hooks and relatively simple melodies, however, the new album switched gears into a darker, harsher and complex sound. This transition managed to successfully carry into to their show at Electrowerkz in London, on 16th of November.

The song playlist was mixed with the old songs everyone loved and new exciting material. This may not have worked for all bands that suddenly decided to change their overall sound, but Tigercub did it with elegance. Songs did not clash, the crowd easily got into anything the band played – a sign of a well-produced, honest content. It just shows that the band was still trying to fully discover their sound in their earlier days, while now, after intense experimentation, the final product is a well-polished, genuine expression.

The show started off with a definite crowd-pleaser ‘Antiseptic’, a song that could make even a dead body bop its head along to the melody. The room immediately knew what they were in for and the excitement was nearly palpable. Bodies we’re moving, heads nodded to the rhythm and no one’s legs could keep still. This was quite an interesting experience keeping in mind that the room was packed with people stepping on each other’s toes every few seconds. The drinks were spilled, the clothes were soaked, but everyone kept in good spirits because the performance was that great.

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One of the key moments of the night was right after ‘Rich Boy’ – the singer, Jamie, decided to start chanting “Fuck Trump!” and the crowd gladly joined in. While it may not have been exactly the right side of the Atlantic Ocean to have any effect on politics, it definitely succeeded in making the room feel more connected to the band. After all the chants ‘Bittersweet Motherfucker’ was played and the room felt just the more vibrant.

The show continued on and the crowd increasingly got more into it. ‘Memory Boy’ loosened up anyone that wasn’t completely sure of the show and made them move along to the song. ‘Pictures of You’ got the crowd singing and ‘Centrefold’ received excited clapping along. The show ended with ‘Migraine’ – by this point everyone was fully grossed into the experience.

This trio from Brighton really showed their skills while playing live – the guitarist and singer, Jamie Hall, manipulated his guitar into producing blood-stopping riffs. The bassist, Jimmi Wheelwright had an incredible presence on stage. Imagine a toddler on Halloween night after eating all the sweets and you will get a fraction of the energy that was put out by this man. He didn’t stop moving around, played the bass effortlessly and provided back-up vocals at all the right times. The last, but certainly not least, James Allix played the drums as if he was born with drumsticks in his hand. Tigercub tends to rely heavily on drums to punch up their songs and the energy required to do that is probably equal to a nuclear reaction, but James never faltered.

Tigercub aren’t only good at making great records, their live shows are an experience that should not be missed if given the opportunity.

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