The S.L.P. – EartH, Hackney – 10th September

Tonight at North London’s best new venue, Serge Pizzorno spun out a set made of the best from his new brain child.

The Kasabian guitarist, now  operating as The S.L.P. played for a successive night at the Hackney venue in what were his first solo shows in the capital.

Beginning the night on ‘Meanwhile…In Genova’, the theatre hall was dropped into darkness, as projectors began to play out cinematic images. This track is one that could slide easily into a Tarantino sound track.

This theatric element to the show’s opening moment would go on to bleed into each turn of a performance where all systems were go.

Serge is clearly loving his time in the spotlight, naming his solo project after himself, and placing his band behind the screens that continuously threw out captivating imagery.

Whilst in Kasabian, Serge functions alongside the swaggering Tom Meighan, with attitude as it is. Yet here, under this new identity, he takes it up a level.

Donning several different outfits, he laps up the showmanship, asking for cheers from different sections of the crowd before whipping them into a tense build-up to picking up his guitar for the first time. Everything is an event. Everything is for show.

Using the space to his full advantage, Serge dived into the crowd, running up stairways and getting on shoulders. ‘Favourites’ is a song that sounds like a Kasabian lovechild, thus earning the biggest reception on the night.

Meanwhile ‘Nobody Else’, is the summertime hit made for the masses. It is processed gloriousness, dripping in 90’s dance keys and acid-house BPM levels.

The pop elements of this new direction stand to attention on ‘The Wu’, where Serge’s voice is tweaked to sound like a Will.I.Am track. A brave move for an artist with a fanbase founded on straight-up guitar rock.

The extended instrumental at the track’s end was the tightest the band sounded all night.

This was a set where Serge properly announced himself. The S.L.P. is daring, it is fresh and it is seeking you out.