The Rasmus – Dead Letters anniversary tour – Rock City, Nottingham,UK (10th October 2019)

“Dead Letters” is the fifth album of The Rasmus (Lauri Ylönen, Eero Heinonen, Pauli Rantasalmi and Aki Hakala) which became their most successful record selling more than two million copies worldwide. During the albums’ 15th anniversary European tour the band also came to a number of cities in the UK, including Nottingham. This time the band was equipped not only with a great positive energy and brilliant music but also with some eye-catching, nostalgic visuals and announcements that got all of their fans excited.

Right before the band came on stage the audience was presented with a compilation of atmospheric videos on the screen together with Lauri’s voice over that helped those who came to see The Rasmus for the first time understand the significance of their musical journey. “Dead Letters Tour. Nottingham” showed on the screen, band is coming on stage one by one, fans are cheering in anticipation and screams are getting even louder when fans notice that Lauri’s signature black feathers in his hair are back. Setlist consisted of “Dead Letters” album in its entirety, including their most-well tune “In the shadows”; tracks requested by fans, some of which were played acoustically, such as “No Fear”, and some rarities, like “Dead Promises”.

After playing all songs from their anniversary album, the band announced of their plans to release new music very soon and that they already have a new material written. This of course was received with loud applause and positive cheering. In between songs band members were talking about their time in the UK and Lauri even confessed that he wrote a special song specifically for Nottingham, signifying how inspiring the city must be for him and the band. Those words made the night even more special for all of the locals attending the gig. The encore song was “Last waltz” that worked perfectly as the last song of the setlist. The change of tempo before chorus made the song and the whole concert unforgettable and proved even more how carefully the whole show was planned and thought through.

With this gig The Rasmus showed how far they’ve come with their music, production and creativity. A huge amount of respect to their fans pays off big time making The Rasmus one of the best bands that came from Finland. Nottingham’s concert was just one sprinkle of what these guys can do, and because of that little announcement we cannot wait to hear what these Finnish lads are planning to release next. All information about the upcoming shows can be found on their official website

All photos taken by Alina Salihbekova

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