The Rad Trads – Irving Plaza, NY (1st December 2018)

When seeing a new band live for the first time I have “The merch table test”. A simple test on how impressive the night was.  Was this show so special that it should be remembered with a T-shirt, CD, or other memento?  Leaving Irving Plaza, new blue t-shirt bearing the bands name in hand was the sign. A sign that The Rad Trads put on a show that passed the test, proving to be a performance to remember.

The Rad Trads consist of five members with someone on drums, bass, guitar, trumpet, and the saxophone/keyboard player. Notice that there was no mention of a lead vocalist? This is the unique thing about The Rad Trads. Each member serves as a lead vocalist throughout their set. I was amazed with their energy from the very first song, with drummer John Fatum starting out as lead vocalist. Then seeing lead vocalist duties bounce from bass, to guitar, and back again. It was special to see this band function and move together. 

As a result The Rad Trads are a very special live act. Standing side by side Patrick Sargent (saxophone) and Michael Fatum (trumpet) bring an energy to the stage that is contagious, you can see the crowd start to move with the strong notes from these brass and woodwind instruments. The sound this side of the stage is what gives The Rad Trads their soul sound.  The rest of the stage has Alden Harris-McCoy on guitar, and Mike Harlen playing bass. These two combine with drummer John Fatum to give this brilliant blend of soul and Rock N’ Roll. 

The Rad Trads perform as a complete unit. Each member has their role, these roles change slightly from song to song with the lead vocalist duties moving around. They do this flawlessly. It was impressive to learn that prior to forming this band no member of the group had sung a note. Coming together at a conservatory in New York City where each was focusing on their instruments. It was the off hours where a band was formed. A good band, with a sound you will not hear anywhere else. Each member now steps up to the plate to sing, again functioning perfectly as a unit. 

The Rad Trads are a fun band to look out for and are a live act you should never miss if they are in your city. Check out more from them: