The Faim – Skully’s Music Diner, Columbus (21 November 2018)

Either you’ve heard of The Faim, or you haven’t- which also perfectly describes the atmosphere of their show earlier this week at Skully’s Music Diner in Columbus, Ohio. As they took the stage following a prompt sound check before the Emarosa and Hands Like Houses show, the slow-filling venue sat still. The standout intro to ‘My Heart Needs to Breathe’ chimes out, and frontman/vocalist Josh Raven flashes a grin to the front row. The four-piece band soon breaks out, and heads in the audience start to bob in appreciation.

The truth is, The Faim has had an unusual career start but they are certainly making a name for themselves. In the spring of 2017, the Australian band “officially” started recording in studio and shortly after released their first EP ‘Summer Is a Curse’ in 2018. Soon to follow was support acts for the likes of PVRIS, Sleeping With Sirens, and on their current tour, Hands Like Houses. Upon performance, it is obvious that the band combines a lot of different styles and takes up a lot of influence from the indie alternative-pop scenes.

The energy flowing from Josh Raven is incredible. From their kickstart opening song to a more solemn performance of the ballad ‘Make Believe’, Raven has the ability to pick up a crowd just as quickly as he has the ability to bring it back down. By the time the third song rolled around, Raven was already physically within the audience dancing and singing with those around him. That wouldn’t mark the last time, either. Even for a simple song such as ‘A Million Stars’, the guys got audience members to throw their hands up in the air to Sean Tighe, on drums.

It is certain that there were few noticeable die-hard fans out in the audience for their performance. That being said, it was also noticeable how many surrounding faces truly enjoyed the energy and performance. The Faim is a group that certainly goes off of each other. From keyboard/bassist Stephen Beerkens joining guitarist Samuel Tye in heavy guitar moments, to Raven running throughout the stage and into the audience. Truly a feel-good performance for all those involved. So good, in fact, that even after their final song Raven later jumped back onto the stage to again thank the audience for “being awesome.” If you’d like to be awesome too, The Faim will be finishing up their U.S. tour throughout the beginning of December. For the rest of the world, they are guaranteed to be traveling to a city near you in 2019.