Sundara Karma – Brixton Academy, London (13th April 2019)

2019 is the year that could make or break Sundara Karma.

With an ever-growing fan-base, and with the success of 2016’s unbelievable debut album Youth Is Only Ever Fun In Retrospect, they stake a solid claim as being one of the UK’s best guitar bands.

With that in mind, it was a shock to many when Ulfila’s Alphabet landed this year as the follow up to that debut. It was a bold move: a departure from straight-up Indie that saw them delving into more experimental and expressionist material.

Tonight at Brixton Academy, it all became clear that the gamble had paid off.

Sundara Karma are a band unlike many others on the UK scene right now in how they create a physical a buzz within a venue.

This, the last night of their UK tour, with the brilliant Whenyoung in tow, Sundara Karma showed why any whisper of this being the year that would break them is complete nonsense.

No song reflects this better than the dance-inspired ‘Higher States’. With the bpm ramped up, the crowd ignited.

Lead singer Oscar Pollock, the creative force of the band, exudes confidence in this new sound, this new identity. Not many lead singers could pull off wearing a leather leotard whilst commanding one of London’s most iconic venues.

In a set that roared and pumped the heart of Brixton, Sundara Karma were the architects of one of the brilliantly outlandish live shows of the year.

They have transitioned from big-time wannabes to a band that are now setting the benchmark. They are changing what a band needs to be, how a band acts and leading the way in delivering high-octane sets.

Old favourites ‘She Said’, ‘Loveblood’ and ‘Flame’ sewed the night together into an electric bundle.

The crowd shoved, pushed and danced throughout the Academy. Tonight felt like a landmark. The faces here knew they had seen the beginning of something huge.