Nestled in the backstreets of central Cardiff lies one of South Wales’ premier independent venues.  Celebrating the final night of Independent Venue Week (in association with Sŵn music festival), Gŵdihw’s climactic evening featured a selection of some of the country’s finest up-and-coming punk bands.

Setting the tone for the night, Burnout-13 may be young, but they’ve already mastered the art of an effortlessly tight performance.  Following this, local lads Nuclear Lullaby took to the stage.  With a riff-led set and a classic rock influence to their style, the Cardiff band perfectly complemented the hints of 70s punk speckled throughout Burnout-13’s set.  Clearly, these are two bands on the rise.

The main support of the night was provided by False Heads and their alchemic blend of indie, punk and Britpop.  Completely unlike any other current band, they’ve been making ripples on the alternative music scene for the past year, with fans including the likes of punk-God Iggy Pop.  With stunning riffs,  pounding basslines and a vocal style closer to spoken word than singing, the London rockers were truly spectacular.

As the lights dimmed the atmosphere of anticipation had the crowd on edge, eager for the main event.  Bursting onto stage with thundering drums, heart-stopping bass, and stupendously heavy riffs, it was clear from the get-go this was going to be a beautifully primal gig.  From the aggression of “Spitfire” to the more melodic tone of “Blind Faith No Future”, every song is a battle cry.

Spitting out their bitingly anarchic social commentary in an unapologetically raw manner, the band’s frenzied stage presence was comparable to Dead Kennedys.  From crowd surfing in a room of 60 people, to singing from the middle of a mosh pit, Strange Bones’ feral energy is rarely seen in today’s society of consumerism and soulless conveyor-belt pop.  Successfully delivering the message that punk’s not dead, the band’s unadulterated and visceral performance style is one that stadium rocks bands could only dream of.

In a word, incredible.

Strange Bones’ latest single “Blind Faith No Future” is available now.

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