The loss of a friend at an early age is nothing you can predict or prepare yourself for. The loss of two friends in a short amount of time can frantically alter your perception of life, its value, and how you want to live out your own. 

On Tuesday night emo / pop punk band, Sorority Noise, went up on stage for the first time in over 4 months to perform a collection of songs from their most recent release ‘You’re Not as ____ You Think” at Vintage Vinyl Records in Fords, NJ. A performance that left the crowd in a state of blissful un-comfort. 

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When band took the stage, and singer / songwriter Cameron Boucher sounded really joyful to be there in the present. The sound of his voice sounded optimistic, but as the show went on he started to transform himself into all the emotions that have been bottling him up over the past year. Mid way through the set he then took the microphone to say a few words, and expressed how their new album was “ an album that he thought he would never have to write.” Boucher then went on to say how he suffers from severe depression himself, and that he has thought about taking his own life on occasion, but was really glad to be there, and learn to overcome the illness he was born with. The audience could tell the sincerity in his words, and by the bands raw performance, which like previously stated made them all slightly uncomfortable. No one really clapped after most of their songs, but it was ok, and it was understood that it was a performance for a specific place and time in these musicians real lives after losing their close friend Sean and Corey Bernard, who played bass in the Superweaks. 

The set highlighted their new album playing a significant amount of tracks off of the album which dropped last Friday. The performances that stood out the most had to be “Leave the Fan On,” “A Better Sun,” “First Letter from St. Sean,” but the biggest highlight came early on with the second track off the album, “A Portrait Of,” and it was really interesting to see the passion come to life when it reached the end of the song where Boucher lets all emotions consume his being, and break down the walls that have built up. The band surprisingly did not play the first single off the album, “ No Halo,”  a track which is already a fan favorite by most, but they did two songs which helped them gain mass popularity, them being “Using” and “Nosley.” It appeared that time could have been an issue, and the band may have wanted to play for a longer duration. 

After the band got off the stage they then got to meet with the fans, and sign any mercy that people wanted to get sign. “Humble” and “real” were some of the words floating around from fans who had a chance to say a few words with them. 

Sorority Noise - Vintage Vinyl Records in Fords, NJ (21st March 2017)

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