Solomon Grey - The Brewhouse, London (11th November 2015) - LIVE REVIEW
Solomon Grey - The Brewhouse, London (11th November 2015) - LIVE REVIEW

Solomon Grey – The Brewhouse, London (11th November 2015) – LIVE REVIEW

This Solomon Grey article was written by Siobhan Scarlett, a GIGsoup contributor. Edited by Natalie Whitehouse

Walking into The Brewhouse in Hackney is quite exciting; a hidden gem of a live venue nestled under two railway arches. It is a unique and charming space, set with blue lights and lots of smoke, giving a mysterious and dreamy vibe, perfect for the music we are about to experience.

Solomon Grey is welcomed to the stage in this intimate show and immediately captivates their audience.

The echoing vocals and gentle rhythms are somewhat otherworldly putting you into a trancelike state, in which you find your body swaying and just letting go to this sound that is very engulfing. The band has created a serene sound and feeling, which is achieved through intelligent layering of effect and instruments.

It is clear they have methodically and emotionally analyzed each layer, with the impact of the sound on the listener in mind. With tracks such as ‘Last Century Man’ and ‘Glas/Green’ the harmonious ethereal vocals with the waves of synths create an atmospheric and grand soundtrack. In contrast with this, tracks such as ‘Firechild’ use a driving rhythm and beat with falsetto vocals to create a throwback to 80s Pet Shop Boys with a modern and cool twist.

‘Electric Baby’ is a clear crowd favourite at the end of the show. The single encompasses all the best parts of Solomon Grey blended together. The amazing whisper tone of lead singer Joe’s voice against the tough beat creates a catchy uplifting tune. ‘Electric Baby’ is the perfect mixture of the upbeat and gentle songs they have created in the past, it is a great and accessible track for any new listeners. The live performance of this track completely captures the epic and overwhelming feel of the song, which gets everyone moving.

Like most of Solomon Grey’s music it holds this incredible build up to the climax, which leaves you feeling rather breathless. Marrying this sound, with the intimate smoky venue creates a very visceral experience, in which you feel Solomon Grey are laying themselves bare. You do not consider yourself just a passive onlooker in a crowd, but you are amongst friends and very much engaging in an experience.

The music Solomon Grey creates is so raw emotionally and creatively original, an attentive eye must be kept on this band.

Solomon Grey live at The Brewhouse