Slaves – The Bullingdon, Oxford (5th September 2016) – LIVE REVIEW

Slaves – The Bullingdon, Oxford (5th September 2016) – LIVE REVIEW

Slaves in a tiny venue is always a no brainer on if you attend or not. When said tickets are only £2, it would stupid to pass it up.

As part of the pre-order package for their new album ‘Take Control’, you were given the opportunity to buy tickets for their Back In The Van Tour which was taking in pub size venues, and was the idea of Isaac himself.

The first night of the tour was Oxford’s Bullingdon and from the second you entered you knew it was going to be sweaty. In fact, you were lucky to find a place to stand. After a bit of jostling, everyone was finally settled and ready for the band.

The short but sweet set was a mixture of old. The new songs being premiered were obviously new single ‘Spit It Out’, and ‘Rich Man’ about rich corporate chairman and features the chorus line, “Rich Man, I won’t be your bitch, man”.

Surprisingly there was no place in the hour long set for ‘Debbie?’ and ‘Feed The Mantaray’, choosing instead to end with ‘The Hunter’. The aforementioned songs being replaced by old skool tracks ‘Suicide’, ‘White Knuckle Ride’ and ‘Beauty Quest’.

The night however will always be remembered though for the naked crowd surfer. You wondered, as soon as Laurie said they’d never had one, whether anyone in Oxford would be brave enough. The dare was immediately accepted, although it took the bold person three attempts, each time in a different state of undress before eventually going over in his birthday suit, despite the fact no-one had the ‘balls’ (pun intended) to lift him over.

As the gig was hotter than hell, and it’s surprising more people didn’t follow the brave young man’s lead and at least strip off to their waste, which is probably why the venue emptied so quick at the end of the show.

This Slaves article was written by Simon Bull, a GIGsoup contributor. Photo credit

Slaves – The Bullingdon, Oxford (5th September 2016) – LIVE REVIEW