The Sherlocks – Baby’s All Right, Brooklyn, NY ( November 6th 2017)

Sheffield’s The Sherlocks took the stage at Baby’s All Right bar, eatery, and music venue located in historic Williamsburg Brooklyn New York, New York Monday night. The gig took place following an exciting announcement earlier that morning that the band was invited to support Liam Gallagher on his European tour in 2018.

The opening act, Best Behavior, was a great start to the night. Inspired by British invasion bands The Zombies and The Kinks, the Brooklyn based indie three piece, warmed up the crowd with their new single ‘Catherine No Chaser’ which was released back in September. The band has a way of reintroducing mid-60’s rock music, pairing it with lyrics that focus on 21st century attitudes. For instance, dating habits on a mobile app is the topic of their wildly catchy song ‘Tinder Flakes’  fan could not stop themselves from booping along with the beat. Look out for the band’s new album ‘Things That Happen’ set to debut November 14th.

Under not one, not two, but four disco balls, The Sherlocks started their intimate performance filled with fans, friends, and family members of the band with ‘Last Night’. The concert was then in full swing as the band performed song after song from ‘Will You Be There?’ to ‘Was It really Worth It?’, both tracks reached No.1 in the Vinyl single charts, the boys were clearly just as at home on the stage in New York as they are back in the UK. After ‘Candlelight’ The Sherlocks slowed things down for a bit with ‘Turn the Clock’ which featured front man Kiaran Crook on an acoustic guitar joined half way through the song by the rest of the band. Crook then took the time to thank the crowd and remind the audience how grateful they all were for the turn out while brother, drummer Brandon Crook was all smiles behind the drum kit.

The energy rose again as bassist Andy Davidson and guitarist Josh Davidson dance around on stage encouraging fans to clap along to the beat. As they closed the show with ‘Live for the Moment’ and ‘Chasing Shadows’ it prompted audience members to ask each other, “So what do you think, are they better over here or at home?” The answer, definitely a band worth seeing live no matter where you are.

‘Live for the Moment’ is out now via Infectious Music.