SHAME – 02 Forum Kentish Town, London (30th November 2018)

This show, arriving in the penultimate month of the year, felt like the perfect time to hear one of the albums of the year played out in full.

Shame, the rough-around-the-edges outfit from South London shredded, smashed and barged their way through all the hits from Songs of Praise. Lead singer, Charlie Steen, shirtless and hair bleached blonde, dared the crowd to let-loose and to let their brand of post-punk take them.

Playing new tracks, Cowboy Supreme and Human, For A Minute, Shame feel like a band that are somehow yet to reach their peak. Considering a year ago, they weren’t on that many people’s radars, their arrival and size of crowd at Kentish Town Forum is remarkable.

Big tunes Friction, Gold Hole and Lampoon ignited the crowd, already spurred on by a Friday feeling. The five-piece have a sense of organised chaos onstage, Steen dictating when songs start and when they inevitably pause as he repeatedly got involved with the crowd. This was a show that did exactly what it said on the tin. Loud and gloriously up in your face.

Ending on Donk, the Forum was sent into a frenzy.

To see where this band head next is so exciting. British guitar music was on the decline a couple of years ago but with acts such as Shame coming through, the fire continues to burn bright.


Dust On Trial
Human, For A Minute
One Rizla
Cowboy Supreme
The Lick
Gold Hole