Scarlxrd live – O2 Academy Islington, London (21/11/19)

The British alternative rapper is one of the most creative songwriters and rappers in today’s rap scene. Scarlxrd’s – real name Marius Lucas Antonio Listhrop – music style is unique and it combines different elements of trap metal, nu metal and heavy metal. Because of that fans of metal and rock music are also appreciating Scar’s music. Dj Jacky P was warming up the audience with a playlist made with appreciation to the contemporary rap genres. For that Jacky P deserves his own gig night thanks to his contagious energy and smile. Closer to Scar’s appearance on stage the dj set slowly and satisfyingly turned into Scar’s set. The way it was made prevented the gig of becoming boring and kept audience’s attention on lock. It was a great experience. Scar himself appeared on stage with stylised lights that were flashing during the whole gig. The rapper was wearing a hood on his head. From the first song the crowd went ballistic, jumping, screaming together with Scar.

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Fans of metal music would not only be amazed by the style of music but also by incredible moshpits and slamming that were constant in the middle of the standing area. By the second song half of the set Scar and the majority of the audience were topless due to adrenalized heat in the air. The most well-know tunes like “Lies yxu tell yxurself”. “Nx advice” and especially “6 feet” took the energy in the venue from “rap gig” to “trash metal craziness” with screaming, raging fans. Scarlxrd’s gig has a special kind of style and vibe. He is one of the greatest examples of how contemporary music cannot be described by genre and one style. He is an ultimate peak of today’s creativity of young fresh artists. Scarlxrd is an example of how someone feels the pulse of today’s youth, knows how to create art and tells his story in the most entertaining way. If you wish to understand how today’s music has evolved thanks to the bands like Linkin park, Slipknot and others that experimented with genres you have to check him out.

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