Ron Pope – City Winery NYC (22 February 2019)

It has been ten years since Ron Pope released his album ‘Daylight.’ Commemorating this album he is out on a special Daylight acoustic tour. This Friday night show is sold out, just as much of the rest of the tour. Every seat is filled in the candle lit venue for what will soon turn out to be a reminiscently beautiful night. Applause takes over the room as Ron Pope takes his seat at the piano. The beginning notes of “A Drop In The Ocean” are played and the fanfare continues.

Leading the concert with his hit song Ron stood up thanked everyone for coming, and joked about leaving the stage. He explained the reason of “getting the song over with” because it is the entry point for many to his music. The song is where the story began, and that we were going to hear some of the stories of his other music. With the anniversary of the ‘Daylight’ album much of the night would be these stories. Ron told of how he met his wife halfway through the album, and that the songs being performed are from a special time.

The most noteworthy part of the night was the time given to share background for each song. Creating a beautiful night of story telling as a result. Much of Ron Pope’s lyrics are intimate and personal narratives and this night at City Winery was our window into these moments. Stories of small moments in a small New York apartment that inspired his song ‘Perfect For Me’. Followed by laughs as he shared stories of the adaventure of newfound fatherhood. Then brought all the feels when he performed his new song ‘My Wildest Dreams’ about his views of being a father.

The open and vulnerable nature of the show was an art to behold. Creating a special night weaving through these personal thoughts. He told of times he was discouraged but music saved him. He urged the crowd to chase their dreams.

Telling a story of what could possibly be considered as trespassing after hours in NYU practice rooms and creating his song ‘Fireflies’. He knew immediately the song was special, but at the time had no idea how special. In a visit to his grandparents house where his family was planned on encouraging him to pursue grad school rather than music, Pope rushed to play the song he just wrote. He played ‘Fireflies’ and the grad school conversation never came up after that and was postponed in recognition that he had something special.

As part of the ‘Daylight’ tour Ron Pope opens up, and helps you learn his story. It is a refreshing experience to hear the experiences behind his beautiful lyrics. You will laugh, you will feel love, and you will get lost listening to the inspiring words he tells.

The capstone of the night was the reunion of Ron Popes old band The District to play the encore songs for the evening. Much of the stories from the night intersected as he played with this band. They played two songs together and it was the first time they had for six years. In a night of stories and reminiscing there could not be a better ending, many in the crowd yelled out in joy as they years ago how they would go to shows for The District in the very city they were seeing Ron Pope in a sold out tour. Ron Pope spread hope through music, stories, and lyrics and was an example to chase what it is you want.

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