Rich Homie Quan’s concert was a mix of everything you’d expect at a rap concert: shirtless rappers, weed and fans ready to turn up.

The Rich As in Spirit Tour stop in New York City was nothing short of surprises. It’s been five years since Rich Homie Quan’s biggest banger “Type of Way” played at every house party and Hip-Hop radio station imaginable. Notably, this album was going to bring in the same energy his last mixtape Back To The Basics had. And it definitely delivered.

Around 8:30pm YG Marley aka Ruga Bandz sprinted on stage with at least ten of his coolest squad members, who immediately lit up their joints and ran around on stage. Lil Karma performed midway and The Twins A-Game performed four of their hits “We Want Everything (WWE),” “Birkin,” “Bentayga” and “Fake Love.”  

The familiar range of music at the beginning of the show slowly prepared fans for the final performer they came to see. At 9:10pm, Rich Homie Quan came on stage as the energy in the room had lifted in the half-empty Gramercy Theatre. He opened his Rich As In Spirit Tour with “Reflecting” and kept the crowd moving. “Thank you for being here tonight” yelled out Quan. “You could be anywhere in New York tonight but you’re here with me. I love you guys so much.”

Rich Homie Quan took them back in time with his old throwbacks “Type Of Way” and “They Don’t Know.” “Type Of Way” became the song of the summer in 2013 as fans played the song millions of times and related to it being about the envy material excess has on people. The hit seemed to play everywhere after it dropped. “Type Of Way” made its way onto Top 10 charts and placed Rich Homie Quan as Atlanta’s upcoming rapper.

After performing “Changed,” a fan in the third row kept yelling “I love you Rich Homie Quan” from the top of her lungs. Danielle, his ‘biggest fan’ answered his questions after he called her out. “You know what we call you in Atlanta?” Quan eagerly asked, repeating himself three times after she couldn’t hear him. “You my n***a” he finally said and started playing “My N***a” ft. YG. Danielle sang along word for word while documenting the entire exchange for her friends to see on Snapchat.  

The Atlanta, Georgia native swayed his hands back and forth with everyone before ending the night. “If you didn’t f*** with my music tonight this one’s for you,” exclaimed Rich Homie Quan. Coming off the stage he took pictures and lovingly said hello to his fans as “Get TF Out My Face” played in the background.

The songs on Rich As in Spirit are all uniquely vulnerable, detailing the struggles of Quan’s life and upbringing. “4rm Me to U,” Quan’s favorite off the album identifies his thoughts after a house party and the mess the houseguests left. Not only did he excel at using his lyricism to make his songs mean something, but it’s incredibly relatable and because of that his fans keep following him anywhere he goes.

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