The Family Rain - Brooklyn Bowl, London (2nd December 2015) - LIVE REVIEW

The Family Rain – Brooklyn Bowl, London (2nd December 2015) – LIVE REVIEW

This Family Rain article was written by Jamie Muir, a GIGsoup contributor. Edited by Ben Kendall.

Decked in various memorabilia of Nashville’s finest moments in the spotlight, from the country greats of yesteryear, to the embryonic states of rock’n’roll – the Brooklyn Bowl is a true Americana wet dream. Nestled within The O2 Complex – which also tonight, plays host to the vast crowds of Madonna’s latest world redemption attempt – it’s a venue grounded in history and pride. It’s within this intimate compound of live music, that you find the true developers of past glories, not willing to sit back and accept the latest re-brand attempt, but fully behind the desire and characteristics of what made a genre what it is today, and it’s there that you find The Family Rain.

Unafraid of trends and ‘buzz acts’, this is a band fully accepting of their own skin, and thriving within it. They’re synonymous for that heritage and nostalgia laid bare throughout Greenwich’s true American hub, yet tonight sees the west country’s finest adapt and grow, into a dominant live force that leaves no prisoners.

As the pleas for half-strikes and the barriers to be put up, spill from the lanes attached. The primal rhythmic tones of main support Broken Hands, ring out across the vast space. Leaving no question marks as to who has just laid claim to the airwaves of those gathering in East London’s finest bowling establishment. If the soundtrack to Blade Runner had been written by Noel Gallagher in all his 90’s pomp, it would sound exactly like ‘Meteor’. One of the many highlights from the hard hitting band’s brief set.

Their confidence and swagger oozes early-Kasabian, with the Van McCann-esque vocals of frontman Dale Norton transcending across those gathered, immediately grabbing their attention, and not relenting until the final note has been strung. The isolated vocals of ‘747’ is captivating, and their sci-fi leaning approach is staggering, creating an entirely new solar system where only they orbit. Mesmeric and startling, it’s an introduction to a band destined to form their own planetary system in the near future.

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The family affair known as The Family Rain, take to the stage like moths to light, bursting into a ferocious version of current single ‘What Are You Afraid Of’, laying the groundwork for what is to come. The heavy combination of White Stripes simplicity and vocals, mesh easily with the hard-hitting reverbs, akin to Led Zeppelin in their prime. This family are here for one simple reason, and that is to pound their devoted followers into a frenzy, and hold from relenting throughout their headline set.

The tight-knit chemistry of the family members is evident, as they bounce and combust from one another in a manner most bands would dream of, giving that authentic vibe unseen in many rock acts currently surveying the charts. Debuting new tracks alongside already established classics from their debut LP ‘Under The Volcano’, this is a band unafraid to experiment and develop into the next big thing, not resting on their laurels, and willing to push even further than they ever have before. The festive garments present during ‘On My Back’ are welcome, yet it doesn’t need that symbolism to realise that the season of giving is already present in their display this evening.

What’s witnessed tonight, is a band positioned perfectly in that transition period from a heavy underground dagger, into an act they’re destined to become. The dedicated fanbase, who’ve already jumped aboard the Family Rain Express, got to witness a special peek into what’s coming next for the garage-rock sensations. As they made their exit from the stage, the damage is evidently done, their ferocity splattered across the Brooklyn Bowl’s lanes, as the underground blues kings left another imprint on their road to critical acclaim.

Now that, is a perfect strike.

The Family Rain - Brooklyn Bowl, London (2nd December 2015) - LIVE REVIEW