Energy Band

Puppy / ENERGY – Electric Ballroom, Camden (30th March 2017)

It’s not very often that a band who take to the stage at the unbearably early time of 7:15 are any good. Puppy however, are more than an exception. In thirty minutes, the band make more noise than I’ve ever heard three people make. From the filthy riffing of new song ‘Beast’ to the melodic metal of ‘My Tree’, Puppy are making the most accomplished rock and roll music in Britain right now. The band’s stage presence is understated and effortless, as they perform each track with watertight ease. The pinnacle of the set comes in the thundering Deftones-esque closer ‘Entombed’. The riffs throughout are monumental but they are matched perfectly by the quality of the songwriting. What really sets Puppy above their heavy-rock counterparts, is that their hooks are fantastically catchy. It’s evident that they put an equal amount of effort into every element of crafting their songs. Despite all this attention to detail, at no point to Puppy take themselves too seriously. There’s a great sense of humour and a tongue-in-cheek nature to everything they do. From the lyrics, to the Beavis and Butthead inspired tour t-shirts. All in all, faultless.

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Following on from Puppy are Boston’s ENERGY. ENERGY’s music fits somewhere into the pop-punk-emo field of sincere and melancholic vocals, power chords and frantic drums. They’re certainly not re-inventing the wheel, but the band’s… energy… has the teenage crowd in a frenzy within seconds as giant circle pits are formed and everyone proceeds to lose their shit. Frontman Jason Tankerly is certainly a confident performer. Adorned in his best Ozzy Osborne flowing black cardigan he rises to the role of master of ceremonies, even if it must be said that some of his ‘moves’ are a tad choreographed and unnatural. All in all, ENERGY are a fun live prospect but seem to be lacking that special something. In fairness though, it must be said, following on from the brilliance of Puppy would be a tough gig for almost any band.