Psychostick + Dog Fashion Disco – The Craufurd Arms, Milton Keynes (10th September 2015) – LIVE REVIEW
Psychostick + Dog Fashion Disco – The Craufurd Arms, Milton Keynes (10th September 2015) – LIVE REVIEW

Psychostick + Dog Fashion Disco – The Craufurd Arms, Milton Keynes (10th September 2015) – LIVE REVIEW

This Psychostick + Dog Fashion Disco article was written by Jack Press, a GIGsoup contributor

I hate how in America, we just can’t do fish and chips like you guys do over here, god we suck!” – On their first ever tour Europe, let alone the United Kingdom, comedy-metal legends Psychostick blow your minds with lots of boobs, beer, and Bruce Campbell whilst spilling their own pet peeves about America – and who doesn’t like a joke about America?

If you’ve never ever heard of Psychostick before, imagine what would happen if Seth Rogen, James Franco, Jonah Hill, and Jason Segal formed a metal band and toured the world – a terribly genius homage to ball-scratching, beard-wearing, beer-chugging bandits who worship boobs and Bruce Campbell.

Opening with their very own outrageously grandiose ode to horror legend Bruce Campbell, Psychostick’s second ever set in the UK is filled with hysterical fits of laughter and the cheesiest of grins on everyone’s faces.

Adorned with spiked Union Flag helmets and antlers, Psychostick are ready to party from the off regardless of the fact that less than thirty people stand before them in a venue that packs a mean 300. In fact, you know something’s wrong when the pub quiz that’s taking place on the other side of the venue has more punters than Psychostick.

Running through a jam-packed set stacked to the rafters with fan favourites such as the ultimate hate anthem – I Hate Eight – and the this-is-so-lame-it’s-genius This Is Not A Song, It’s A Sandwich which have every single member of the 30-strong crowd dancing like they’re extras in Grease.

A mosh-pit inducing mash-up of the we-totally-didn’t-steal-this-from-Drowning-Pool Numbers and Dogs Like Socks preludes a trio to end all trios – Because Boobs, BEER!, and Obey The Beard – three anthems all individually played to perfection as if Psychostick are pouring their hearts out over the very things they love.

As they leave the stage, it’s only then that you realise that this isn’t just a Psychostick show and that co-headliners Dog Fashion Disco are up next with their avant-garde brand of metal.

Avant-garde? Dog Fashion Disco are more like a poundshop Faith No More – as if they’ve spent the years they were on hiatus getting high in the deep dark corners of Mike Patton’s mind.

This being their first time here since their reunion last year, Dog Fashion Disco are pumped to play to their legions of fans – all 20 of them that is. They lack the enthusiasm a band needs to pull off a gig like this when there really are a handful of hardcore fans separating you from a dustbowl dancefloor.

Opening with Pale Horse – a ravaging cut from their post-reunion record Sweet Nothings, the band fall flat at first with a jukebox selection of their new material. Fear not though for these Faith No More loving lads find their feet with a double-whammy of fan favourites in Nude In Wilderness and Rapist Eyes.

Pogo The Clown and Acid Memoirs are welcomed with cheers and the night is closed with The Darkest Days – a fitting way to close a gig as small, and as darkly lit as this.

The problem that occurred all night long is that these two bands are on form, they’re playing better than half of their peers and yet they’re playing to a house-party sized crowd in the back of a pub – a shame if you ever did see one. They deserve to attract a larger audience, whether it be to indulge in Psychostick’s love of boobs or Dog Fashion Disco’s dirty dirge of fiddly funky alt-metal. If these two ever tour again – flash your cash and book a ticket.

Psychostick + Dog Fashion Disco – The Craufurd Arms, Milton Keynes (10th September 2015) – LIVE REVIEW