This Pretty Vicious article was written by Sarah Ebockayuk, a GIGsoup contributor. Edited by Nick Roseblade

On a cold Friday night what a better place is there to be rammed in a small iconic venue to watch a massively touted band. The line of teenage girls on the front row and a father not too far behind making sure she doesn’t swan off with a band.

After the bands entrance, they launch straight into “It’s Always There” a crowd favourite. The vocals may have been lost to sound of the band, but it didn’t matter as they followed through with indie swagger and attitude. “National Plastics” prompted the crowd start moshing and jumping with wild abandon to a point where the photographers looked for higher ground. The song itself was written as a classic two fingers to haters of their music and was performed exactly as intended!

Throughout the gig each member of the band knew their place and their role, not just as musicians, but as entertainers. Cheeky swaggering faces adorned the band throughout the set. While comparisons to Oasis, the View, the Kooks and Artic Monkeys might be premature, they definitely worked the crowd and put on a show. Every gig is fraught with problems and even a roadie gaffer taping mic stands and the drum kit was met with light hearted banter.

Their visible confidence and passion was highlighted and reminded all of why they are one to watch. Fresh in the spotlight, audience engagement may not have been to its full potential in the intimate venue. But for a band that have only been gigging for a year, it was still an electric performance.

There has been much emphasis on the bands age, but in the end talent is talent. There is that raw sense of admiration as well as envy. With a strong network and such firm heads on their shoulders, this won’t be just another story.

Pretty Vicious – Tufnell Park Dome, London (25th September 2015) - LIVE REVIEW

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