In Plain Sight & Korg USA present ‘The Block Party’ Part Two – Brooklyn, New York (9th September, 2017)

Above: K Solar- check out his Soundcloud here!

Photo Credit : Thomas Piper

Photo credits: Thomas Piper

It’s hard to beat Brooklyn for a party. A melting pot of cultures, styles and characters, it’s leafy red-brick streets have produced some of the freshest talent and creativity ever to grace North America’s arts and culture circles. The community has a way of locking onto talent, lifting it up and nourishing it with pride.

Production wizard Nothing_neue’s latest project; In Plain Sight received this kind of positive reception in spades this weekend. Originally acting as a one-off live stream, In Plain Sight quickly and effortlessly gathered support, and has now grown into a small series of hip-hop influenced block parties, based in the southern part of the city.

In its current form, In Plain Sight acts as a platform to lift up and celebrate local talent; but perhaps more importantly, it gives the community a place to gather, get loose and enjoy music together.  It’s hard not to not see the how important these kinds of public events are. Amongst the synchronised breakdancing and appreciative cheers of support, there was a palatable feeling of togetherness; amongst friends, neighbours and strangers alike.

Photo Credit : Thomas Piper

The event’s sophomore incarnation included a collaboration by Korg, makers of the legendary synthesisers and production equipment. In Plain Sight not only featured multiple acts and DJs on it’s main stage throughout the day, but also included a table displaying an array of Korg’s instruments for the party goers to try out. This almost workshop-esque stand gave folks the opportunity to get excited about music making equipment that they might not ordinarily have access too.

Intitial equipment blips made for a slow start, but the sun and positive energy of the few, early afternoon onlookers made for a warm atmosphere nontheless. Manhattan born hip-hop groove-twister Radicule delivered early in the day with his wavy, sparkling production which threaded through his short but sweet thirty-minute set.  His tracks bubble and pulse with old school synth tones, capturing the last fleeting moments of the east coast summer time, and sat perfectly in their block party setting.The music that was played out across the block, pushed the conventions of hip-hop to its outer rim. The umbrella of the genre was spread wide; out to more electronic, instrumental territory and all the way back again. A particular highlight was beat maker Pozibelle who brought her pulsing, experimental production style across incredibly, and got heads nodding in appreciation.

With short, thirty minute sets, the day was a whirlwind; groove-lined r’n’b gave way to disco driven sections, and heavier electronic tones melted into more soulful rhythmic sections. Host Nothing_neue brought it back into smooth hip-hop edit territory with his mid-afternoon set; incorporating future bounce beat patterns in with more familiar hip-hop instrumentation, this multi-talented producer is one to watch.

Photo Credit : Thomas Piper

When the light began to fade, the steadily growing crowd loosened up fully, with pockets of synchronised break dancing appearing throughout the course of the twilight sets.  J.Robb spun out with a full homage to his Soulection influenced sound; incorporating bouncing edits of well-known tracks in with danceable, soulful tones. J.Robb is certainly one to watch, check his Soundcloud out here. Between the bouncing beats and spaced out synths that flavoured the evening there was the vinyl supreme sets, delivered by the capable hands of Sunny Cheeba and Silver Disco, who held together the atmosphere with their red-hot disco mixes. The uplifting genre pulled the whole event together; giving the crowd the groovy sing-a-long classics to dance to into the early evening.

In Plain Sight has done it again; it’s easy to see why Nothing_neue’s all encompassing project has taken off. It’s slick, shows off some serious production and djing talent, and acts as an opportunity for community spirit to flourish. As we move into the autumn season, the event will no doubt change and reform itself to suit a colder outdoor environment. Watch this space!

There were so many great artists featured in In Plain Sight’s second event and a shout out has to go to K. Solar jhevere, Sum Total and Kimani Reid as the days hard working host and MC!

Photo Credit : Thomas Piper

Check out Nothing Neue’s Soundcloud here.

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