The Pigeon Detectives - Headrow House, Leeds (26th Feb 2017)

The Pigeon Detectives – Headrow House, Leeds (26th Feb 2017)

Back in 2007 I often found myself in an intimate music venue screaming along to the entirety of ‘Wait For Me’; the debut album from The Pigeon Detectives. Ten years later they’ve just released their fifth studio album ‘Broken Glances’ and on Sunday night they teamed up with Crash Records to host their official album launch at Headrow House in their hometown of Leeds.

‘Broken Glances’ has seen the band take on a more experimental and mature sound, though that’s not to say that they’ve reverted away from the indie-rock anthems that they’re renowned for, with new tracks ‘Enemy Lines’ and ‘Lose Control’ in particular receiving the same reaction as songs such as ‘Animal’ from 2013’s ‘We Met At Sea’ and ‘Done In Secret’ from 2011’s ‘Up, Guards And At ‘Em’.

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Though the purpose of the gig was to launch ‘Broken Glances’, the band didn’t forget their older and more angst driven tunes – mixing their set list up with tracks from all five studio albums, including the title track from 2008’s ‘Emergency’ and several tracks from their debut that they heavily hinted at the possibility of touring later in the year. Since having played a mass amount of gigs since breaking onto Leeds’ live music scene, they’ve certainly not lost their passion for what they do best and Sunday nights set was bursting with energy and enthusiasm.

From vocalist Matt Bowman’s microphone swinging and ceiling avoidance skills to the bands obvious talent of writing a crowd pleasing set list, they’re a band that put everything into their live sets – there aren’t many bands that can get a mosh-pit going in an intimate venue on a Sunday evening! With ‘Broken Glances’ being self described as a thank you to the fans that have stuck by the band since the beginning, it was poignant to see them invite the crowd onto the stage for their final track; their loud and excitable third single ‘I’m Not Sorry’.

The Pigeon Detectives are about to embark on a UK tour that includes a headline set at Live at Leeds Festival – don’t miss it. Their new album ‘Broken Glances’ is out now.