Phoenix 10.10.17

Phoenix – Express! Live, Columbus, OH (10th October 2017)

The phenomenal Phoenix are back in action after somewhat of a hiatus. Columbus fans were privy to this at Express! Live last night, in addition to a show-opening from the mysterious Lo Moon –  a relatively new band, being established for only about a year now.

Needless to say, the crowd had few expectations to start the night off with. Lo Moon began slow, but were quick to pick the tempo up. The indie dream-poppers certainly blew away their published tracks, “This Is It” and “Loveless”. It is too soon to tell what these artists are capable of, but they do know how to jam. Their offerings to the night included heavy but fun beats, with a solid vocal platform. Certainly a band to keep an eye out for in the future.

The almighty Phoenix hit the stage next, amongst a mirrored backdrop and one of the most elaborate light shows that Express! Live has seen in quite some time. Unsurprisingly, “J-Boy” was the show opener; first track off of their latest 2017 album, “Ti Amo”. The album, Phoenix’s sixth studio album, has especially been a treat after not hearing much from the guys after the past couple of years.

Following “J-Boy” was the familiarity of ”Lasso”, “Entertainment”, and “Lisztomania”. Throughout the set, the crowd bobbed and sang to the especially known hits off of “Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix” (2009). The show offered something for everyone, even if crowd members were first-timers. In addition to their best hits, the set continually changed and remained visible from any point of view within the venue. The flooring underneath the footsteps of the guys of Phoenix lit up which then reflected onto the angled mirror backdrop. This allowed for some very cool viewpoints and destination journeys- “Rome”, anyone? The best moment being frontman Thomas Mars, whose image was mirror-flipped (laying on the flooring to appear so to the audience) atop of a decorated pillar for a song.

Another unconventional choice was the closing of their 14-song set, with an additional 6 songs. Coming back from their stage break, Phoenix broke into an acoustic version of “Countdown” as well as “Goodbye Soleil”. Closing out the night was the performance of the nostalgic hit, “1901” which was followed up by newest album title track, “Ti Amo Di Piu”. Now is the perfect time to see Phoenix (from every angle) whom will be touring until November!