PETER BJORN AND JOHN – The Garage, London, UK (5th March 2019)

At The Garage in Islington tonight, Swedish outfit Peter, Bjorn and John dropped a set that made all that previously wrote them off as a one-trick pony completely change their way of thinking.

Peter is the driving force of this band. At one point he leapt into the crowd, stretching his cables as far as they could reach, before lying down. The whole crowd knelt down around him, and smiled on in awe.
He later got back on stage and broke a guitar strap, managing to carry on playing regardless. The way he remained unfazed was typical of a singer who has 20 years of experience behind him, and reflective of the pure enjoyment he has for performing.

The band, born out of the mid-noughties height of indie, performed in a way that made their years of experience so clear and so tangible.

Playing a mix of tunes from all of their eight studio albums, the crowd in North London was treated to a real party atmosphere. Even tracks from their EP ‘EPBJ’, released in February of this year, went down seamlessly.
This band consists of four seasoned pros, so tight that they are able to freestyle across songs – sometimes dipping in with a different guitar hook or an offbeat smash of the drums.

There is lucidity to their performance: they are lovers of their craft and they are lovers of an adoring crowd.

Peter, Bjorn & John are famed for their hit ‘Young Folks’, yet unlike some big acts who sometimes refuse to play hits for fear of fans neglecting the rest of their set, these swedes, have no such worry. ‘Young Folks’ went down with thunderous applause, but with the same adulation felt for each track played tonight.

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