Heidi Hartwig

Parcels – Manchester Sound Control, UK (6th November 2017)

There is nothing more exciting, than a band that are openly enjoying the concert as much as the crowd, Parcels’ set in Sound Control on Monday, was like an elapse from life; the atmosphere created was wholly accepting and wonderful.

On the back of their funky newly released single: ‘Overnight’, Parcels embarked on their UK tour to wow their crowds with beats that would slot perfectly into a 1970’s setting – it is a refreshing blast from the past to see them live. It is fortunate, the Australian 4 piece, were willing to brave the North of England during their tour, enlightening the crowd with original, unreleased songs.

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The opening set came, later than expected, but in fine fashion, Hush Moss a German based 6-piece band, comprised around the musical genius of Eden Leshem. An Israeli musician living in Berlin brought a single premise, a band that recreates the beautifully seductive 70s funk sound, that has been ever-so vacant in recent years. This whole idea, was created perfectly, with a sound that could be compared to that of the Bee Gees, for me, when a band wearing bright orange vests appeared on the stage, I had no idea what I was in for, but their funky beats, transformed an unawares crowd into an atmosphere almost resembling that of a 70s-jazz club. Hush Moss embody the exact persona a support act need, in warming a crowd to a dance during their set and anyone that follows.

Hush Moss, have been on the rise since 2016, when they released their first single “It Takes a Lot” which was for-the-most part a solo effort by Eden Leshem, but kicked off the basis of the band itself, from which they spiralled, into an EP shortly after: also, named “It Takes a Lot” which gave them a platform to explore, new styles and incorporate their top-notch song writing. Leading on to a superb gig in Manchester at the end of their support role in Parcels UK tour.

Parcels, with a crowd eagerly awaiting their musical genius, had proved their gig building expertise as well, with such a thrill in the form of Hush Moss themselves. Parcels had become my ‘happy place’ they provide such a warm and welcoming sense of equality through their music, it is a wonderful experience to witness; and with the corroboration of Hush Moss previously, it was like for that hour and half set, everyone was equal, no judgement, just a sense of happiness and love for music. Which I feel is exactly what music was created for, an elapse from life, through lyricism or listening itself. Yet, sometimes music can come with its own stress, but Parcels seem to be reliving that original premise.

Opening their set, with an original: ‘Myenemy’, the crowd were immediately immersed to a sense of what Parcels are about. Myenemy is about striving for more, about how easily you can miss something, but on the flip side, how easy it is to indulge thoroughly into life. Or so, that is what I take the lyrics to depict.

This sense, of happiness continued throughout, with them enjoying their songs, and performing some new releases on the way (the first time they had been played) gave a lovely expectance of what was to come, hopefully an album early next year, where we can see Parcels continue their exceptional growth with their quirky electronic/ dance sound.

The whole experience, gave a great sense of the Manchester community, especially with the prospect of the Sound Control closure later this month, it was nice to see bands still willing to play the venue and relive the atmosphere that will soon be lost entirely.