Papa Roach – Rochester, NY (18th April 2018)

The Crooked Teeth World Tour brought three astounding bands to Rochester, New York, Escape the Fate, Nothing More and Papa Roach. Each brought their own special flair to the stage that captivated the audience.

Escape the Fate opened the show with ‘Do You Love Me’ to an eager crowd. They played 7 songs with such energy and finesse that those who were not fans at the beginning of their set, were by the end. The lead singer, Craig Mabbitt, interacted with the audience, talking and joking with them and even commended a couple for bringing their child to the show and encouraging the next generation in music appreciation. After his set, Craig Mabbitt, came out into the audience and took pictures and talked to people in the crowd. His humble and easy-going nature made him very popular with the concert goers who were able to spend some time chatting with him. Although Mabbitt isn’t the original lead singer, having replaced the founding lead singer in 2008, he has brought the band into the mainstream.

Nothing More was the next to perform and although they played flawlessly and with enthusiasm through their 10-song set, it appeared more like a one man show. The lead singer, Jonny Hawkins, took to the stage shirtless in an almost exaggerated arrogance, it seemed like he wanted to keep the audiences attention on himself to the detriment of his band. He had the appearance of someone who was not quite lucid as he danced flamboyantly around the stage and bounced back and forth from playing the drums to singing. Near the end of their set, Hawkins, jumped on a lift that put him several feet above the audience, which was welcomed with a rapturous applause from the crowd but again made it appear as though he was the only member of the band that mattered. There performance while good lacked the same down to earth humility of Escape the Fate and Papa Roach. Hawkins appeared to have the airs and ego of a rock star but none of the super stardom to back it up.

From the moment Papa Roach hit the stage they didn’t stop rocking until the very end. They played on continuously for an hour and half in their 18-song set with 3 song encore.  The Crooked Teeth World Tour is to support their newest album that goes by the same name. They played songs from their new album such as ‘help’ as well as crowd favorites like ‘Getting Away With Murder’, ‘Face Everything and Rise’ and ‘Gravity’. Papa Roach’s frontman Jacoby Shaddix, talked with the crowd, sending his love to them and sharing his own fight with addiction and depression. Even though Shaddix underwent emergency throat surgery for his vocal cords in August 2017, when he was forced to cancel several shows, his voice in this show sounded stronger than ever. He and his band mates are masterful performers, who know how to connect with the crowd and truly put their heart and soul into the performance. If Shaddix could have jumped down into the crowd and sang, he probably would have. Papa Roach put on an incredible show that had the crowd singing and dancing and having a fantastic time.

They finished off the night with their most famous song ‘Last Resort’ to the roar of a very satisfied crowd. Jacoby Shaddix clearly enjoys performing and with his skill at connecting with the crowd on a personal level as well as bringing them a memorable performance is what makes Papa Roach such a resounding success. No doubt there is a place reserved for Papa Roach in the golden halls of Rock and Roll Legends.

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