Nothing But Thieves

Nothing But Thieves – The Globe, Cardiff, UK (23rd May 2017)

Since the release of their sensational debut album in 2015, Nothing But Thieves have been taking the music scene by storm.  With a style that is almost impossible to define, their combination of alt-rock, psychedelia, post-punk, and grunge has seen the Essex band gain an impressive cult following, and widespread critical acclaim. 

Cortes kicked off the night with their high-octane brand of rock ‘n’ roll.  Peterborough indie-rockers Airways continued to warm up the sold-out crowd at The Globe, joking with the audience and performing with an infectious enthusiasm. 

Bursting onto the stage, the electrifying riff of ‘Ban All The Music’ elicited a momentous response from the crowd.  One of the band’s more well-known songs, thunderous drums and a booming bassline filled the room with a power that almost saw the walls vibrating.  Conor Mason’s vocals truly need to be heard in person to be believed.  Reminiscent of an unpretentious Matt Bellamy, his emotive and breathy vocals seamlessly filter into stunning falsetto with a level of finesse and professionalism rarely seen in such a young singer. 

Following a stream of firm fan favourites, Nothing But Thieves began a beautifully stripped back cover of Audioslave’s ‘Cochise’, before commenting on the tragedy surrounding the late Chris Cornell.   Frontman Conor continued to state that ‘We want you to feel safe when you see us.  What happened in Manchester was sickening; a tragedy.  Thank you for supporting us.’

One of the stand-out features of the show was the live debut of two songs.  ‘Neon Brother’ is arguably one of Nothing But Thieves’ greatest songs, it is a powerfully heart-felt yet heavy explosion of passion.  However, the band proved their longevity by closing the show with new track ‘Amsterdam’.  Never before played live, the crowd went wild nevertheless, chanting every word, headbanging, and ending the night with an intense feeling of unity. 

The definition of a phenomenal live band, Nothing But Thieves should be on every music fan’s bucket list.  

‘Amsterdam’ is available now via Sony Music

Remaining tour dates:

May 2017
26 – Birmingham, Institute 3
28 – Edinburgh, La Belle Angele
29 – Carlisle, Brickyard
30 – York, Fibbers

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