It was a rainy Valentine’s Day in Brixton, but a global audience packed into a sold out Phonox to watch What So Not tour his debut album, Not All The Beautiful Things. Despite not yet releasing an album, What So Not has a wealth of material to draw from, having released numerous EPs, remixes, collaborations and edits, as well as producing over 100 demos for the album.

The set started strongly, with a powerful combination of What So Not classics mixed with new cuts from the album, exclusive live edits, and crowd favourites such as Africa by Toto. Not All The Beautiful Things features a collaboration with the American rock band, which occurred after Africa was propelled back into the iTunes charts following What So Not playing it during American festival sets.

Crowd favourites, such as Tell Me (the collaboration with RL Grime) and Jaguar elicit ecstatic responses from the audience; despite no lyrics, the crowds sang along to the melodies with glee.

Over the course of the two-hour set, What So Not plays a selection of cuts from his debut album, including Goh, the long-awaited collaboration with Skrillex that fans have been craving for years.

What So Not is an engaging performer, thriving off the energy of the crowd and encouraging dancing and singalongs. The highlight of the show comes towards the end of the night, when the What So Not remix of Innerbloom is accompanied by dozens of the audience being thrust onto the shoulders of friends and hoisted into the air for the duration of the song. As the entire audience scream along to the chorus, cheer and hug, it is easy to see why What So Not is considered such an innovator within the electronic music scene.

What So Not’s debut album, Not All The Beautiful Things, is out 9th March on Counter Records.

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