This Misty Miller article was written by Ismana Webster, a GIGsoup contributor.  Edited by Hazel Webster

A bassist who pops beer bottle tops off with his teeth, instruments on straps at the correct height rather than practically below knee level as so often seen, casual dress and a fun, spunky attitude from the whole band makes Misty’s performance a very raw, real one.  There is nothing pretentious about the group, just four people enjoying making fun, yet at times emotional, music.

The gig starts out a little flat – the first couple of songs were good but nothing to cause a rush to the front of the dance floor – ‘Stars’ did however have some interesting technical vocals, which Misty employed skillfully throughout the gig.  ‘Taxi Cab’ livened things up immensely and lends itself brilliantly to a live show as the band poured heart and energy into it, clearly enjoying the performance as much as the audience.  Rock based guitar riffs and drums accompanied by punchy lyrics make this song such a crowd pleaser.

Misty then slowed things down with ‘Devil’, a haunting, poignant song touching on themes of depression, the lyrics implying being so alone that even the devil isn’t interested.  Misty jumped straight from that into ‘Girlfriend’ – another crowd pleaser to get people dancing.  A catchy, simple guitar riff from Misty accompanied by punk flavoured backup guitar makes this tune stand out, and sets the stage for some great vocal variety and cheeky, angsty lyrics.

Her cover of One Direction’s ‘Steal My Girl’ put the original to shame and was far more musically interesting, although Misty’s own songs seem to suit her voice better as they were clearly designed to fit.

Next came a new song, ‘You Can’t Date a Model’, which is yet to be recorded.  This was an emotional roller coaster of humorous lyrics including ‘You can’t date a fishmonger, ‘cos they always gonna smell, can’t date a Christian, because you know you’re going to hell’, and emotional words about how ‘You can’t date a junkie’.  After such a stunningly good song the next couple didn’t match up, but the ending song, ‘Next to you’, taken from the upcoming 2016 album was another fantastic offering, bringing back the punk/rock guitar and drums, teenage angst filled lyrics, and bags of attitude.

Misty has a beautiful voice that is easy to listen to, and some great technical singing skills to back it up, her stage presence is just enough in your face to make her something special and although it feels like there is still a way to go in some areas, there is no doubt that great things are yet to come from her, both as a solo artist and with a band behind her.

Misty Miller - Brudenell Social Club, Leeds (9th November 2015) - LIVE REVIEW

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