It’s been a little while since we’ve heard anything from Milky Chance, but in a darkened room nestled in the back alleys of London Bridge, the German folk-blues duo returned for one night only. Taking over the almost breathlessly intimate Omeara, Clemens Rehbein and Phillip Dausch brought their own unique blend of electronic, rock, blues and reggae to anticipatory crowd, and did not disappoint.

The band used this night as a prime opportunity to showcase not only their favourite songs from the critically-acclaimed ‘Sadnecessary’, but also some upcoming releases from their new album ‘Blossom’. The crowd jigged along to Clemens’s husky melancholically upbeat tunes, shouting along to the classics like ‘Down By The River’ and ‘Flashed Junk Mind’.  

Their new music shows an experimental progression for the band, with one song taking more a reggae-inspired approach played with two bass guitars, a collaboration with rising star Izzy Bizu (who unfortunately couldn’t make an appearance, but Clemens went ahead and sang her parts regardless) and a stripped-back acoustic ballad ‘Stay’, they also revealed that ‘Piano Song’ would just be vocals and piano but unfortunately the stage was too small to fit one on.

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Showering the crowd in multi-coloured lights, the new singles ‘Ego’, ‘Doing Good’ and ‘Cocoon’ was met with monumental appraisal and sing-alongs. Clemens’s onstage presence is humble and unassuming, making him even more endearing to the audience. He lightly jokes that he didn’t think the intimate venue would be quite as hot as it was. Nevertheless, it made the experience feel much more personal. He compliments the audiences’ dancing and reaches out to hold hands with expectant fans underneath him.

There were a couple of stand-out moments, one was the inevitable uproar from the crowd when the familiar chords of ‘Stolen Dance’ started playing. Everyone sang the first few lines of the global hit single, while the band leaned back and savoured the energy being exhumed. Then there was ‘Sweet Sun’, which the band closed with, spiralling lights and arms in the air, energy levels sky-rocketed as the audience danced and embraced one another.  

The night itself felt like a reunion almost, it’s been a long time since everyone last met, yet in that moment it felt like no time had passed.  Savouring the nostalgia of their first album and proudly showing off their new sounds, Milky Chance’s affectionate get-together was an unforgettable evening of laughter, contemplation and entrancing music.

Milky Chance - The Omeara, London (13th Feb 2017)

Milky Chance – The Omeara, London (13th Feb 2017) – Photo Credit : lauren_hutton_ – Instagram

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