Mike Krol - The Eagle Inn, Manchester (28th October 2015) - LIVE REVIEW. Lead photo by @Lofanax
Mike Krol - The Eagle Inn, Manchester (28th October 2015) - LIVE REVIEW. Lead photo by @Lofanax

Mike Krol – The Eagle Inn, Manchester (28th October 2015) – LIVE REVIEW

This Mike Krol article was written by Steven Loftin, a GIGsoup contributor, edited by Zoe Anderson. Lead photo by @Lofanax

Something that is not found easily these days is a gig where you can feel completely immersed in a set that is, sadly, only just shy of forty minutes long. However, Mike Krol and his band of very-merry-men, managed to pull it off, at a small rock club in Salford, Manchester. Taking to the stage donned in thematic cop uniforms, which were all actually handmade, they kicked off their with ‘Suburban Wasteland’, the first track off Krol’s new record ‘Turkey’, the crowd was his, and he was ours.

Bounding around, both on and off the stage, navigating through the crowd like a joyous child, even watching his band from the front row with us, Krol is everything you could want from a punk act. The room itself at The Eagle Inn was smaller than your average venue, but its walls were clearly steeped in history, both musical and general, and the perfect accompaniment to Krol’s DIY, louder-than-thou sound.

Powering through his set, rarely pausing, but slowing just enough to let us know that he is actually a person and not some garage/punk terminator, we are shown everything that makes this man/band great. The songs that are catchy and have enough fuzz to entrance and assault you in the absolutely best way possible. His backing band, which consists of his friends from back home, have the perfect relationship to compliment his songs, each one of them there simply having a great time and putting on a great show.

“You guys know Bob Dylan’s in town tonight right?” is one of the more memorable moments Krol came up for air, met with joking replies of “maybe we should go”, a clear sign that Krol is building a fanbase outside of the US and is capable of charming so many more on his travels.

Fortunately, due to the total length of his discography, Krol was able to bless us with the majority of his work, although we’re always left wanting more of his fast paced punk. He ended his set by whilst wearing five cop hats and walking through the crowd to find his mic stand (which he left after one of his previous audience missions). You can’t buy this kind of showmanship.

A special mention goes to the two fans who travelled from Dublin, Ireland to the show. They were front and center and embodied exactly what makes shows like this. The connection and voracity between both artist and fans is something that can’t be bought of found on ‘The X Factor’ or it’s contemporaries.

Here’s hoping Krol returns to our shores soon because this is certainly something special to be experienced and acts like this are getting harder to come by. Cherish them while we still have them. Viva La Krol.

Mike Krol - The Eagle Inn, Manchester (28th October 2015) - LIVE REVIEW