Photo Credit Brittany Robinson
Max Frost

Max Frost – The Basement, Columbus, OH (17th October 2017)

Max Frost is a man of many talents who is certainly not easy to place into one box, whether it be based on genre or what he actually does. Frost is a singer/songwriter/producer as well as his own instrumentalist. He is classified commonly as indie pop/indie rock, although neither do justice for the sounds he creates. The music is heavily produced, mixing in hip hop, R&B, and blues elements into alternative/pop/electronic.

First taking stage at The Basement in Columbus, was the 3-piece NAWAS. Also bringing in major R&B influence, the transition between the two acts was pretty seamless. Frost started off his set in the dark, with a pure instrumental intro. Off of his most recent EP ‘Intoxication’ (2015) and to open up the set was ‘$Dreams’. He continued on with a mix of his old and new, making it very clear who his longtime fans were. The younger-set front of the audience sang and bobbed to almost all of his tracks.

The unexpected element of his lengthy set was his covers. This includes Snoop Dogg’s ‘Gin and Juice’ as well as Outkast’s ‘Roses’. It is safe to say that the two songs received the best reaction out of the crowd. Save the encore, of course.

The other unexpected element to his set was the brief interruption to his performance. The Basement is a small space, which offers a small side rail section that levels with the performing stage. In that section resided some highly-spirited crowd members. Somehow, even throughout Frost bouncing around the stage across his many instrumental setups, they became a little derailed. While introducing ‘Slow Jamz’ he heckled, “I almost called this one… shut the f*** up.” Instant applause and respect points from the crowd.

Closing out his 16-song set, was ‘Let Me Down Easy’ and of course fan favorite, ‘White Lies’. Frost’s talents for sure lie the most within producing, but it will be exciting to see where he heads in the future. He teased that he is working on a new record, so make sure to keep an eye out.